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I have been Trance Dancing and facilitating this practise for 20 years because I love to share the experience as it has enriched my life so much.
To Trance Dance is to return to your original nature by simply allowing the body's natural rythms to express and be.
Although each session is slightly different, what we generally do is start with warm up dance and shaking the body. Shaking is a bio-energy technique which is energising. Then we have an intention ritual where we use sage for smudging.
The dance itself starts with a simple breathing technique called The Breath of Fire and is done with closed eyes. You simply just follow the breath and body, allowing yourself to be guided by the music.
Shamanic Trance Dance has been practised by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. It is a prayer to Spirit and was used for both ceremonial and practical purposes.
After the dance we have a meditation and then a closing circle where people have the space to share experiences.
It is for anyone who feels they want to experience it!
You are likely to: have fun, feel more free, creative and expanded, and meet like minded people.

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