An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying


This day long workshop will give you an introduction to Journeying - the principal tool of shamans and shamanic practitioners.

Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality and healing known to humanity. It calls on our connection to nature, animals and spirit to help us grow, heal and become empowered as individuals.

What is a Shaman: A man or woman who ‘Journeys’ through an altered state of consciousness to reach an alternate reality and brings back information.

Journeying is a powerful way for an individual to have direct experiences with spirit and form their own unique spiritual landscape and practice.
It follows the principals of honouring each of us for the unique individuals we are and embracing the journeying of becoming whole, rather than perfect.


Many people book directly with us and their are already enough people booked to ensure this event will go ahead.


Morning meditation
Introductory discussion:
Shamanic Practice
Shamanic Healing
Vision and Dream Interpretation

Tea break

Led practice of Journeying to the lower world and of communicating with your animal guides. (power animals)

Three course Lunch cooked by professional chef and Shamanic Practitioner Leandro D'Andrea

Journey to the upper world to meet with our tutelary spirits and explore the landscape of the upper world.

Journey on another persons behalf to have the experience of how accurate and profound these messages can be.

Grounding meditation to anchor us and integrate the work we have done during the day.

There will be chances throughout the day to ask questions that arise, as well as to share and discuss our experiences.

Leandro is a Shamanic Practitioner, Men’s Group Leader, Mountain Leader, Gardener and Chef. He has trained with Michele Lukis of Shamanic Space and now works with her, seeing clients one on one and organising the Psilocybin Retreats in Holland.
In Peru and Spain Leandro has been under the tuition of Curanderos and Shamanic Practitioner Dr Ruben Orelana, learning how to brew San Pedro from the master himself and the ceremonies and practices involved around this ancient form of healing.
Leandro is currently in training with Simon Buxton at The Sacred Trust in Devon, in an intense 3 year training that covers the practices of core and classical Shamanism. He was also a fine dinning Chef for executives at HSBC and KPMG and will be cooking for you on the day.