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If you are ready to invest in your spiritual ascension with a core group of shamans, healers and spiritual advisors - you're in the right place. This is an exclusive group that allows you to have access to free healing sessions and class openings throughout the year. You'll have the opportunity to explore what you wish and heal on a deeper level than you ever have. Active members have access to all session and class offerings for FREE. Welcome.

Important: New members are allotted a free two week trial. In order to activate your trial, you must pay $25 dollar enrollment fee. This is to bypass disingenuous attempts to take advantage of our generous group offer. You will be sent an enrollment link upon your acceptance.

Thank you and we are delighted to have you!

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Body Confidence Yoga | Bare Yoga

Lux Wellness Studio

PLEASE NOTE: Our last group class for Bare Yoga is Sunday the 14th of October, 2018. We are discontinuing group classes for bare yoga until next summer (2019). Please inquire about our private classes if you're interested in this particular program as they are held year round. Contact: [masked] (to schedule a private class or to inquire about the program) Otherwise, we hope to see you next summer! _________________________________________________________ Come as you are and bare it all! Introducing a new summer program aimed at building powerful body awareness and self-confidence through movement, bare, in a safe space cultivated to provide incredible and lasting results. What does "bare" mean for us here at Lux? Bare means you come as you are in the barest form you'd be comfortable in. This could mean a tank top and shorts, a bikini or completely nude - the choice is up to where you are in your practice and your comfort levels. Our Bare Yoga class allows the student to open up the chakra centers more directly, especially the sacral chakra. It's also known to assist individuals and couples in areas of connection. It encourages the students to connect to themselves in a more intimate way - free of judgment. Students have said the experience has allowed them to carry a new/enhanced vibrancy, vitality, and confidence that they hadn't had before. Some other benefits include: - Increased Self-Love and Comfort - Enhanced Self Awareness - Increased Creativity - More Attractive Appeal - Weight Loss - Increased Libido - Increased Appreciation For Partner - Stronger Bond To Partner - Decreased Anxiety - Improved Mood - Increased Overall Energy This is an intimate group class setting with a max count of 8 students. (Private classes are available too. Please check out our other offers if you're interested in private/individual classes) Off site/out call classes may come with a travel fee of up to $25. Purchase your tickets today! Questions/concerns? Call:[masked] Interested in booking? Click here: www.verlocal.com/event/bareyoga If you are a member, please call to book you class at:[masked]

Collective Healing Share | Registration required

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• What we'll do Are you a healer and want to introduce your abilities to the collective? Are you wanting to explore different energetic healing modalities as a recipient? Want to practice your healing or audit other healing methods? Join us every Tuesday evening for our weekly "Energy Healing Share". Meet with members of the collective and experience different healing forms. These events have proven to be life changing in many ways and you don't want to miss it. We are building a strong healing collective in the Chicago and Chicagoland area - so you don't want to miss it. It's been magic. We encourage you to join us in practicing your power and receiving the healing and connections you need at this point in your life. -Shamanism -Reiki -Crystal Healing -Mediumship -Tarot/Oracle Card Readings -Intuitive Readings -Quantum Touch -Acupressure -Acupuncture -Energy Vortex Clearing -Multidimensional Awakening -Chakra Healing -Polarity Therapy -Pranic Healing -Thetahealing -Prayer And More! If you have a special ability or practice you'd like to share with the collective that isn't listed, please comment below. To register, please call:[masked] Space is limited. Trial members can attend if space permits. • Important to know To register, please call:[masked] Space is limited. Trial members can attend if space permits.

Free Shamanic Reiki Sessions | Appt Only

Lux Wellness Studio

As a Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer, Ada is offering free Shamanic Reiki services to the collective members of this group interested in ascending in their personal and spiritual constitution. Her system of healing is individually cultivated to powerfully heal at a pace conducive to the recipient's highest good. In this healing, she accesses multiple points of your energy and vortex centers and shift into the necessary realm(s) to "speak" and work with parts of your soul. This is how each service is supremely customized in order to cater to the independent needs of each client. Often times, Ada retrieves information and answers to queries that not even the soul's holder is aware of. This is where she also goes in to discover and work on broken points of imbalance and/or carried voids. This is where the deeper healing is initiated. The work Ada provides does not stop at the surface where it merely provides you relaxation; it is spiritual soul surgery and is all done in the time, pace and total consent of the recipient. We all possess the ability to heal and walk in harmony with our higher selves, however, many of us don't have operating cultures or ethics surrounding us in our day-to-day lives to assist or encourage us in doing so. In fact, often times, the polarity is invited and induced. Ada works to create a safe space where she encourages her clients to go deeper than they ever have in order to, in return, come out and rise greater than they ever have. Lets get started. These sessions are FREE for collective members. Members in the trial period of their memberships will be offered an intro service which will be condensed in nature. You must call,[masked], to register and reserve your session. Om Shanti

Free Healing Hatha + Reiki Flow | Registration Required

Location visible to members

This engagement is granted to all collective members as a therapeutic and impactful practice. The healing yoga class will be implemented with energy and healing work. These classes will be led by Ada, founder of of the Energy medicine and healing collective. Ada, your instructor and Reiki Master Practitioner, is passionate about mind, body and spirit connection. You can read more about her here: www.rejuvenatingbodywork.com (http://www.rejuvenatingbodywork.com/) This class will enable you to open up and release whatever you feel you need to open and release. Come with an open heart and the zeal to enhance your lives. The Energy Medicine and Healing Collective is your safe place. These sessions are FREE for collective members. Members in the trial period are welcome to join this class if space permits. You must call,[masked], to register and reserve your session. Om Shanti

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Free Shamanic Reiki Sessions | Appt Only

Lux Wellness Studio

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