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Shamanism Healing/Development


Open To All, Those New Or Experienced On The Shamanism Path

A group that merges the wisdom of the past for the future. We have had amazing transformations and healings in this group.Come and connect with your timeline, your past and present gifts, connect with your spiritual teams, journey together and connect with your future and what you are here to do.

This welcoming ands supportive group explores traditional ways and new ways to help you to empower, heal and enhance your connection with your spiritual teams. We all have the ability connect with the spirit world- JOIN US

During meetups we:

Learn different ways to connect to spirit, including journeying and other practices, supported by me and your spiritual teams.

Connect and Heal with our ancestors

Explore and heal past lives

Connect to all of creation, including star energies, animal guides and your spiritual teacher.

Work energetically with plant spirits

Complete work out in nature

Complete powerful healing ceremonies to help heal those who need it.

Feedback on my work

Thanks Anthea for creating such a powerful healing space and encouraging the evolution of independent shamans! ”

— Cassandra (http://www.meetup.com/Shamanism-and-Healing-Ceremony/members/13451659/) on Jul 14, 2011.

Anthea holds a very special and powerful healing space during her Shamanic Healing ceremonies. As a very gifted teacher it is a beautiful experience and you will find the energy fills you as soon as you enter the space. So much Love and Light x ”

— Gemma Marcia Constance (http://www.meetup.com/Shamanism-and-Healing-Ceremony/members/16691961/) on Jul 6, 2012

Amazing, or should I say stunning. As usual a very safe space held, to share and journey, heal, laugh and cry! Some amazing healing took place, for me anyway, and I am sure for others too!! Can't wait for the next one!! Love you Anthea you are one special lady! xx Feb 2013


“ I loved every bit of it. Anthea is authentic and inspiring. The group was very welcoming. A great experience. ”

— Donata Tortella (http://www.meetup.com/Shamanism-and-Healing-Development-Group/members/34375092/) on Nov 3, 2012.

Alison (http://www.meetup.com/Shamanism-and-Healing-Ceremony/members/53675592/)

As always, a wonderful day.... Anthea works very safely and with so much love. So grateful to be able to learn from Anthea. It is an honour. XXX


I look forward to welcoming you to this open hearted and powerful healing and development circle.

Love and Harmony Anthea

Upcoming events (3)

Introduction to Shamanism - Full Moon

Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms


Introduction to Shamanism This intensive evening will initiate you into core shamanism and will teach you how to journey safely and easily. Shamanism is also very healing, as you connect to aspects of who you are. During the evening you will learn: 1. What shamanism is. 2. How to journey safely and easily 3. How to connect to your power spot in nature. 4. How to connect to your power animal in the lower world 5. How to connect to your spiritual teacher in the upper world Hope to see you there. Cost £35 Love Anthea

Heal and Transform with your Energetic Vision Board

Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms


Transform your Reality, Heal and Transform and Manifest your Energetic Vision Board for 2019 We will still be in the energy of the full moon, as we work with powerful Alchemic and Shamanic practices to help the rebirth of the self and to be more free to manifest your reality, and to continue with the magical flow of manifestation in your life. During this evening, you will let go of what no longer serves, and bring in new energy for 2019. There will be an opportunity to reflect on what no longer serves you that you experienced during 2018, let go of these experiences and learn how to create an energetic vision board to transform your life. During the evening you will: 1. Discuss and burn away that which no longer serves you 2.Receive powerful transmissions for healing 3. Enter deep into what you would like to manifest 4. Create an energetic vision board for 4 things you would like to manifest for 2019 Cost £35 Hope to see you there Love and Harmony Anthea

Soul Retrieval - Heal Trauma and transform your life

Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms


Shamanism Healer Training- Soul Retrieval Soul Retrieval is a profound healing method., that brings harmony and balance to those who receive this method of healing. This amazing and intense workshop not only gives you amazing skills to help others, but also helps you to heal patterns, trauma and illness. You will also complete processes that will bring healing to yourself and others. Soul retrieval is a wonderful healing method needed in these modern times. During the workshop you will learn: 1. Consultation skills with clients 2. Connect to your animal guide to help you with soul retrievals 3. How to develop and practice your tracking skills 4. How to complete soul retrieval to help others 5. How to send healing remotely. 6. Receive source sound transmissions to help you move forward. 7. Timeline work Cost £75 Look forward to seeing you Please a rattle if you have one.. Please bring a small crystal or stone. Love and Harmony Anthea

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