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I am trying this again. I had started a similar group before, but life got in the way. My hope is to start a shamanistic practice group for the LGBTQ+ community. There are a lot of shamanistic groups out there, but none really aimed at the LGBTQ+ community in the area. We have our unique experiences and this can come into play in shamanistic practices. Possible activities include, drumming circles, discussion groups/teaching events, sacred pipe ceremonies, sacred crafting events, journeying work and etc.

I have been studying shamanistic practices for a few years. I took a year long shamanistic apprenticeship course with a local teacher of Creek descent. I was gifted the sacred pipe through the lineage of Evelyn Eaton about a year ago. Costs for thing like drumming circles, discussion groups, journeying work and such will be minimal. They will be more, of course, if we have to rent a space to do them, but my intention is to have most events in my own home in Springfield, PA. Sacred crafting experiences would be more due to the cost of materials. I do not call myself a shaman, but a shamanistic practitioner.

If you are LGTBQ+ and are interested in shamanistic practices, this will be a non-judgmental group for you to explore this interest.

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Meet and Greet w/ Drum Circle

Private home, Springfield - Delaware County

I didn't get much feedback on dates, so I picked the one that had the most votes on the poll! This will be a basic meet and greet. We will gather, introduce ourselves and what are particular shamanic practices are, talk about future events and then finish up with a drum circle. I have two extra drums for those who may not have one. We will meet at my home (directions will be sent out a day or two before the meetup). I do have two dogs, so we may get some barking accompanying our drumming (they will be locked in the bedroom - but I hope no one minds). After the drumming circle, we can have some light refreshments - so bring snacks to share. There will be no cost for this event.

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