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Contemplative Creativity Lab: 2nd Annual Holiday Hootenanny
with Angela Lloyd, MFA. All are welcome. Please note the extended time. Contemplative Creativity lab invites you to join us for the 2nd Annual December Holiday hootenanny. Bring a story, poem, photo…. all expressions welcome or creative endeavor you would like to share. Our Lab practice from 11-1pm will include meditation instruction, contemplative exercises and a yummy snack followed by the 1-2 pm Hootenanny. “Hootenanny” is a Scottish word meaning "celebration" or "party". Nowadays the word most commonly refers to a gathering of folks at which any and all are welcome to make an offering of about five minutes, of a song, story, poetry, spoken word, in front of an audience. No experience necessary. Some musical instruments will be provided and you're welcome to bring yours! Bring a friend! Angela Lloyd, MFA is a Shambhala Art Teacher and a member of Shambhala. A student of Laura Simms, she started meditating at Laura Simms’ Annual Storytelling Residency in 1987. She began to study the Shambhala Art teachings in 1998.Her particular interest in the Shambhala Art teachings is how humor, silence and speech creates a safe container for inter-related arts experiences for body, mind and speech. Angela Lloyd (an element of surprise you can count on) is a master storyteller, musician, and an award-winning recording artist. ( Contemplative Creativity Lab alternates between Westside Shambhala and Eagle Rock Shambhala Centers. There will also be occasional Labs at the Orange County Shambhala Center. Please see our webpage: What is Contemplative Creativity Lab? We are a group of meditation and art practitioners and teachers who lead explorations of the Dharma Art teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Every month is different and have included ink and brush, movement, photography and poetry. What links these is the ground of meditation which allows for fresh perception to be in the forefront, rather than trying to make "art". So, we give meditation instruction and sit for a short time before we move into a meditation-in-activity. Creating from that place of open mind/heart we call "Square One". Please check it out! You can see the teacher biographies here ( Suggested Reading: True Perception by Chögyam Trungpa. Good to bring a notebook or sketchbook. Suggested donation is $15 - 20. Doors open at 10:30 am for tea and mingling unless otherwise noted. We often go out for a bite afterwards. We occasionally offer special All Day Creativity Labs.

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Welcome to the Shambhala Arts Meetup! We meet second Saturday of the month, alternating between Westside Shambhala ( Mar Vista and Eagle Rock Shambhala ( center for Contemplative Creativity Lab. We also occasionally offer Shambhala Arts Meetups in Orange County, and offer special programs around L.A.

Our purpose is to explore the creative process from the viewpoint of a meditative discipline. Connecting with our senses, our environment, our materials and our heart, any activity becomes a meditation-in-action. We engage in simple mindfulness and awareness exercises that have the effect of quieting the critical mind in order to create from the foundation of one’s direct experience of the present moment. We call that Square One! This has the effect of cultivating insight and confidence in your unique experience and expression.

Who's invited? Anyone from 14 years old and up. No prior experience with art or meditation is needed. Just curiosity and a desire to slow down and explore your creative process.

What are the Shambhala Arts? The Shambhala Contemplative Arts integrate meditation into the creative process through a number disciplines and activities, including flower arranging, photography, writing, painting and calligraphy. Each of these disciplines represents a genuine contemplative path; together they bring beauty, vividness and wisdom to our lives and culture. We also explore the source of creativity with music, voice, and movement, indoors and out.

Although these activities are inspired by Shambhala Buddhism, they are not in any way religious or about adopting a religion. They are about discovery and play, and the universal nature of creativity and communication. Art in Everyday Life! You might find that your visual and perceptual awareness increases as you synchronize your mind, eye and senses with the world and your creative process.

True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art ( Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche is recommended reading, but there are no prerequisites for joining us. No prior experience in meditation or art making is needed. Supplies are provided unless otherwise noted, but you're welcome to bring a sketchbook or notebook and something to write with.

Who are the Teachers? These disciplines are offered by long-time Shambhala meditation practitioners who are also artists, meditation instructors, teachers and leaders in Shambhala Los Angeles. You can see their biographies ( (, (scroll down the page).

Most of them are also trained and authorized Shambhala Art teachers. (Shambhala Art is an international five-part program offered as weekends and as a biennial intensive in L.A. and other location. See (

Without seeing things as they are, it is hard to create art. Our perceptions are obscured and our mind is not fresh, so making art becomes a troubled, futile process by which we’re trying to create something based on concept. – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Spiritual Leader and Head of Shambhala International

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