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Whether you are interested in software or web development, project management or just want an introduction to Scrum and Agile - sign up, come along, and have a good time. We can all share our experience with like minded people, and learn how to make the development process that much easier.

We are passionate believers in Scrum, and want to meet up with other Scrum and Agile practitioners for regular talks about the state of Scrum and Agile in Shanghai, China, and around the world.

We will have regular talks from Agile experts via video call and in person, and would love to hear your stories as well.

Join our group today, RSVP for our next event, and make the world a better place with Scrum.

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6 Fu Tong Dong Da Jie

开课时间:[masked]~20 9:00am—5:30pm
地点:北京市朝阳区望京阜通东大街6号院 北京方恒假日酒店
讲师:Yi Lv吕毅
价格:RMB 10000元/位,早鸟价RMB 8500元/位(2021年10月17日18点前报名且付款,名额有限,售完为止),老学员推荐有优惠,您在线提交报名信息后,我们会与您联系确认优惠价格等报名相关事宜。(费用涵盖培训、认证、教材、午餐、茶歇等)
报名咨询:Daisy Guo Tel:[masked] Wechat:daisyguo788

Online Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials & Organizations Training Coming !

Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials & Organizations Online in English

Trainer: Martin von Weissenberg
Dates:[masked]/10/11 13:00-18:30 (Beijing/Shanghai Time)
Price: RMB 18000/per, online price 51%-off, that is RMB 8800 per before 18:00 Nov.8, 2021, limited to 20 seats.

more details at http://www.shinescrum.com/courses/736?locale=en

or send an email at [masked]

Digital Agile Tools in a cultural perspective.
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello all, this is not a meetup proposal, but rather an invitation to participate in my survey, which is part of an academic research. It focuses on which digital tools are the most used and loved by the Agile Community - though it is not limited to that. http://bit.ly/CN-2f61BQF0 (Chinese)
http://bit.ly/2grLHFP (English)

This topic is somewhat controversial, often sparkling heated discussions, but as far as I know it's not been treated systematically so far. Its secondary objective is to verify if there is a significant opinion difference based on linguistical-cultural considerations. Therefore, the survey is available in several languages (possibly more will be added). Please, only respond once and using your mother language (not necessarily the main language of the place you live in). More information can be found here: :

Thank you for your time.
Marcello Missiroli, Italy.

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