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SH Azures UWH Club 9th Newbie Course Recruitment || 上海威龙水曲第九期新人班招募贴
百闻不如来一见,各位好奇宝宝们,还不赶快加入高级有趣的上海威龙大家庭 What better way is there to verify the hearsay than to check things out for yourself, and be part of the crazy, fun-loving Shanghai Azures family? 去年杭州中国杯前上海威龙如此整装待发,今年6月即将征战重庆,再聚中国杯! Last year, the Azures headed to Hangzhou for the China Cup. This year come June, we look forward again to being part of the games held in Chongqing! 不懂水曲,没关系,“他们”会告诉你,水曲是什么~~ Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what underwater hockey is (most people don’t). These guys will tell you what it’s all about. ***************************** 这期新人班教练的鲜嫩程度老少皆宜,在此隆重介绍一下: Without further ado, here are the coaches who will be guiding you in your journey as a newcomer to underwater hockey. 新教头:Linus,花名“濑尿虾” Head Coach: Linus “the peeing shrimp” "2016年6月某一天,无意间瞅到一个推广水曲的易拉宝,然后……就有了下面的照片 On one June day in 2016, I came across a banner promoting underwater hockey, and the rest is history…" 新助教:Vincent,俗称“胖子” Assistant Coach: Vincent aka “Pangzi” “打水曲有18个月咯。以前一直被老人虐,现在我终于翻身了,新人们等我来虐你们” “I’ve played underwater hockey for 18 months now. It used to be tough times and torture under the oldbies when I was new; now, it’s time for me to try things out on the newbies.” ***************************** 屏幕前的你是不是从手指头到脚趾头都开始痒痒了呀 Are you feeling an irresistible urge now to give it a go? 点击连接,了解报名须知等信息 Click the link below to find out more! 对于报名须知有任何疑问的同学请微信我们最美老干部Hazel about registration, or for any questions you may have, please get in touch with Hazel, our very own “pretty veteran cadre”. HAZEL Wechat Name: hazel_zheng 若感到寂寞无聊,或是想要约饭约运动,都欢迎随时骚扰我们精力无限充沛的老干部 Whether you just want to have a chat, or if you need someone to eat or do sports with, do feel free to give her, who has boundless energy, a buzz. 更多庐山真面目等你来揭晓 更多底线等你来打破 That, and more than meets the eye and that’s waiting to be discovered by you, and ever more boundaries for you to break. For latest news, follow us on wechat! SHANGHAI AZURES OFFICIAL WECHAT ACCOUNT: ShanghaiAzuresUWH

静安区体育中心游泳馆Jingan Sports Center

静安区康定路151号6楼(近昌化路)Kangding Road 151, 6th Floor (close to Changhua Road) · Shanghai

What we're about

Underwater Hockey has been played in Shanghai since 2011, and we are always looking to welcome more participants to this unique and amazing sport. Join us if you like the sound of it!

We are a very active group, practise 1-3 times a week and have 15-30 regular players of varying levels and ages, and from various backgrounds and nationalities. Through Meetup we hope to welcome those new to the sport and are keen to try out.

Underwater Hockey is a non-contact sport in which two teams compete to maneuver a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into goals. It originated in England in 1954 and was first played at the world championship level in Canada in 1980.

It is a sport that allows you to feel closest to being a fish, wearing fins to move a puck in the water. You glide, you turn, you curl, you dash, and you flip around in the water.

We are looking for people to come and try with us. You don't have to be a top athlete; we're here mainly to have fun, join in competitions and eat and drink (optional) after each session. If you want to continue playing, we will coach you, make you lean and strong, and we will bring you to all the tournaments and parties of our underwater world! :)

Who we are: We are Shanghai Azures, China's biggest underwater hockey club. We have been in international competitions. Check us out at or on our WeChat channel: ShanghaiAzuresUWH


What you need to bring: swimming suits, goggles, caps. If you have fins, snorkels and masks, bring them as well.

Cost: It is a free event, you only need to pay the pool entrance fee, it will be about 150 RMB for 3+ hours in some of the best pools you can get in Shanghai.

There are usually more regulars who show up at the event than those who signed up here. So we hope to see you at the pool!

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