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Popcorn Club is an English social club. It’s a place for members and hosts to talk about global culture, to get to know each other, to learn new skills and to become part of an international community. So many people in China work really hard to improve their English but, although their language skills are good enough, when they meet a Westerner, they simply have nothing to talk about. Popcorn Club can fix that.

Popcorn Club是一个英语社交俱乐部。在这里,会员和东道主们可以谈论全球文化,在互相了解的过程中学习新技能,并成为国际社会的一员。在中国,很多人都非常努力地学习英语,尽管他们的语言技能已经足够优秀,但当他们遇到西方人时,却常常无话可说。于是Popcorn Club应运而生。

In regular clubs, our friendly and knowledgeable, international hosts will introduce a topic to you and then we’ll all discuss it. Club topics include: business, music, movies, art, current events, literature and so much more. We talk about the same things you’ll hear in a conversation at a pub in London or at a park in New York.


In specialty clubs(SPClubs for short) , experts in different fields teach members a particular skill. It could be a Michelin chef teaching how to cook a dish, an award winning actor teaching stage skills, a certified mixologist teaching you to make a cocktail or a professional dancer teaching you some awesome moves. These clubs are totally hands on, you will leave them with a new skill under your belt and the possibilities are endless.


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