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IPFS Force community

IPFS Force community:
IPFS Force Community is focusing on decentralized network and storage technology, system and applications. Gathering a large number of technology talents and IPFS enthusiasts, IPFS-Force Community hosts "distributed storage network" themed salons every Tuesday in Shanghai China. Through the continuous output of comprehensive, fine and high-quality IPFS consultation and technical support, the ecological enthusiasts are expected to transform to IPFS supporters and participants, and the healthy development of IPFS ecology will be built together.

ProtoSchool organizer of Shanghai
Headquartered in Shanghai, gathering a large number of technical talents and enthusiasts of distributed network & storage, study and learn decentralized protocols and technologies together and develop ecosystem with enthusiasts together.

ProtoSchool Shanghai :
Hold forum monthly focusing on decentralized protocol and networks, including IPFS,LibP2P, IPLD, Filecoin, etc., Introducing distributed protocol network, development of technology and application of tools.

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