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I want to meet people who are interested in developing e-commerce websites/platforms/solutions based on Microsoft Visual Studio technologies or mobile apps based on Embarcadero Delphi technologies (XE6, AppMethod). This are the tools I prefer the most and I'm the most comfortable working with. Don't know why but I hate Android Java and Eclipse. Maybe because Google is blocked in China and it's difficult to work with them. Also if anyone has a good IT idea I'm prepared to listen. Shouldn't be focused only on China, but on the whole world. Everybody welcome to join this group and exchange ideas.

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Have a meeting and discuss things about IT startup
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I want to hear some ideas, starting a new company or project, something to do with e-commerce based on MS Visual Studio technologies or mobile apps based on Delphi Embarcadero technologies (XE6 or AppMethod). People with knowledge on this fields I prefer the most also those with business knowledge. If you love Android and Eclipse you are also welcome, but I will talk about something else with you. :)