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One Day Trip to Shanghai Auto Expo Park


Hi guys,Spring is a season in which flowers bloom beautifully, especially in parks, Is it too crowded in the park? Not at all, Let’s go out! You are welcome to join us to visit Jiading District where you can explor Shanghai Auto Expo Park(上海汽车博览公园)with beautiful scenery, It is a national AAAA level scenic spot.You will find it a much more restful experience than downtown Shanghai. Shanghai Auto Expo Park Shanghai Auto Expo Park is the first theme park for car entertainment, car display and car culture in China. There is a Shanghai Auto Museum(上海汽车博物馆) in the park. Covered more than 800 thousand square meters, the Park is possessed with lakes, wet land, plant communities, and idyllic scenery, and it also integrates and inherits culture and traditions, reflecting the idea of the harmonious coexistence of human being and nature. In late March the flowers ,such as cherry blossoms (樱花),rape flowers(油菜花)and peach flowers(桃花)are expected to be in full blossom , the beautiful flowers will surely help you relax and have a nice day! The Park provides all kinds of entertainment establishments such as bicycle riding, boating, etc. Shanghai Auto Museum Shanghai Auto Museum was opened to the public in January, 2017. With a gross floor area of 28,000 square meters and an exhibition area of approximately 10,000 square meters, it is the first specialist museum of its kind in China. The museum is divided into four sections, history, collection, exploration and temporary exhibitions respectively. The museum boasts of a collection of more than 100 amazing cars, representing over 20 brands from China and abroad, spanning 100 years of automobile history. Shanghai Auto Museum is positioned as a new cultural landmark of Shanghai, providing a space for the public to experience automobile culture and art. Fans now have a trendy place to visit and communicate, and the young also have the opportunity to learn about science and technology of automobile. Meeting time: April 6 (Saturday morning), 11:00 am Meeting Location : Exit 4 of Anting station (安亭站)of line 11 The schedule: 11:00 Meet at the exit 4 of Anting station (安亭站)of line 11, then we go to a supermarket to buy some drinks and snacks for the park 11:30 Have lunch at a resturant nearby 12:50 Go to Shanghai Auto Expo Park 13:00 Wander in the park, you can also visit the Shanghai Auto Museum if necessary 16:00 Return Things to Note: 1. The Park is free entrance, the ticket fee of Museum is 60RMB per person 2. 2-person bicycle, 50RMB/1h; 4-person bicycle, 100RMB/1h; 4-person sight-seeing boat, 100RMB/1h. 3. This is a non-profit event. But food, drink and other stuff are extra, depending on you. (We will split the lunch bill and it may be around 60RMB per person) 4. Extra 5RMB per person to cover Meetup posting cost together 5. If it’s a rainy day, we will be postponed the time. Please pay attention to our notice, we will update the information on our website. If you are interested, please scan the QR code to join us: (You can find the QR code in "photos")

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One Day Trip to Xinchang Ancient Town

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