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【Free】Admire the Beauty of Osmanthus in Guilin Park
Hi guys, You are welcomed to join us to go to Guilin Park to admire the beauty of osmanthus! One of the first few things we think about for the Mid-Autumn Festival is to watch osmanthus. Elders in Shanghai have the custom of going to Guilin Park to appreciate osmanthus flowers. ● Why it is called Guilin Park? The park was named Guilin Park because in Chinese the word ‘Guilin’ means lots of osmanthus flower trees. And it is true that the park is covered by a great number of osmanthus flower trees. There are more than 1,000 osmanthus plants of 23 species all over the garden, such as the golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, orange osmanthus, four-season osmanthus, and rock mountain osmanthus, etc. Once the flowers of osmanthus come to bloom, the fragrance will spread all over the garden, which gladdens the heart and refreshes the mind. ● A very brief introduction: Guilin Park covers an area of 3.55 hectares. The park was first built in 1929 and completed in 1932 with a total amount of 3.5 million Silver Dollars. Its gardening art adopts the classic traditional skills of scene setting. The overall arrangement is delicate and unconventional: the dragon wall wriggles inside; the walls of flowers are zigzagging and the water flows under small bridges. Also, you can see that the buildings and terraces set off one another; the pavilions are uneven and the meandering pathways are deep and secluded. Not only the architecture can be appreciated, but also the flowers and trees are luxuriant and thriving, which makes the overall arrangement harmonious, lucid and lively. The appearance, environment and the scenes of Guilin Park will for sure to make you delightful. Meeting time : Saturday,October 6, 2pm Meeting location: North gate of Guilin Park Address: 138 Caobao Road(漕宝路), Xuhui District, Shanghai How to get there: From the Guilin Park station (桂林公园站)of line 12, go out of Exit 4, you can see the white and black roof tiles of Guilin Park on the diagonally opposite(斜对面).Go across the road,after 2 minutes you will reach the gate. Things to note: 1. The ticket fee of the park is 2 RMB. 2. There’s a tea house inside the park that sells food made by osmanthus, such as osmanthus cake and sweet osmanthus, etc. You can try and have a taste. 3. Although the park is not so big, there are plenty of pavilions or corridors where we can sit or talk. Also we can sit on the grassland if it’s a sunny day. Bring your snacks, drinks and mat if you like. Let’s play, drink and share! 4.Osmanthus blossoming period is not long, and it also depends on temperature and rain. Once the osmanthus flowers are in full bloom, we will go there as soon as possible on the weekend. Please pay attention to our notice, we will update the information on our website:

East gate of Guilin Park

138 Caobao road(漕宝路) · Shanghai

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