• Casual Ethereum Web3 Get Together

    un Caffe Bar

    Our Get Together is a place for people interested in: How Blockchains are building a backbone to a new internet (called web3) and new ways for human beings to organize. If you are interested in the topic, feel free to join our small round-table get together! Monday, February 18th 2019; 7pm Feel free to prepare topics to speak about and bring friends! This new internet - called Web3 - is... Web3 is a name for the idea of building a better internet with blockchains (such as Ethereum) as its backbone. Web3 defines an internet that breaks with the tradeoff between convenience and control, an internet where control over the technologies and applications that we use every day is clearly defined. First, Money is already becoming a native feature of the internet. We have discussed this various times during meetups before. New ways to do social media, incentivized participation in online communities and more. Second, “decentralized” applications will offer users new capabilities: Imagine accessing an internet with certainty that access permission, business rules, fees etc don't change - because no single person has that power. Third, users will have more control over their digital identities and data: Imagine a social media which can't extract your data, because you didn't allow so. Imagine being able to proof aspects of your identity - automatically - to any software. Reading & watching tips: Lo and Behold, an movie by Werner Herzog gives a view on the history of the internet and what it was built to be. Find the movie online or watch this interesting excerpt with Elon Musk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we6rMEIGp9s Making sense of Web3 by Josh Stark https://medium.com/l4-media/making-sense-of-web-3-c1a9e74dcae Peter's Before Bitcoin series on how bitcoin happened to be: https://medium.com/@pet3rpan/history-of-things-before-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-part-one-e199f02ca380

  • Case Study: FIFA World Cup 2018 ticket sales with Blockchain by Alphawallet

    PanHe Financial Coffee Club, Red Wine area

    Talk 1: Lessons learned from tokenising the FIFA World Cup Tickets on Ethereum by Victor Zhang In June 2018, we set out to solve some of the biggest problems plaguing the ticketing industry, namely fraud and lack of regulation in the secondary market. We partnered with Shankai Sports (an exclusive agent for FIFA in the Great China region) to issue FIFA World CUP tickets using our non fungible standard ERC875. 28 customers who had never touched cryptocurrencies before, used our tokens to enter the game & we would like to share what we learned solving ticketing fraud and using smart contracts to regulate the secondary market. Along the way, we implemented an atomic swap system to allow our ticket holders to safely sell and transfer their tickets to others and thought aloud about implementing KYC via cryptographic identity protocols that improve event safety. We would love to share our learnings and give a few nuggets of wisdom to anyone thinking of creating solutions with Ethereum and other blockchain technologies. † https://github.com/alpha-wallet/ERC875/releases Speaker's Bio: Victor Zhang has 3 years experience in blockchain, over 10 years business experience with 7 years experience managing multinational teams and businesses across Asia countries(Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India). Successfully opened up APAC business for 360experience from zero, 360experience is one of the 3 business units under Ticketbis which was acquired by eBay @US$165 million in 2016. Serial entrepreneur,started 5 businesses in Australia, China, HK and Singapore. Started researching blockchain since 2014 and attempted to use blockchain technology to restructure the event ticketing industry. BTC and ETH investor. Wing Chun and boxing beginner. Talk 2: Identity done right on Ethereum by Weiwu Zhang In 2017, uPort and ERC725 experimented with blockchain identity using identity contracts. In practise, a cunning observer can link the identity proofs to its user’s identity by indexing all interactions to that identity contract. Furthermore, a user who provides proof of age to buy a beer may leak information about the user’s other attributes. Weiwu Zhang and Tore Frederiksen have a solution to mitigate these issues by using Merkle Tree attestations. There is a paper† and they are working on a reference implementation. This talk is about the design and considerations for Ethereum identity attestations. † https://github.com/alpha-wallet/ethereum-attestation/releases Speaker's Bio: Weiwu Zhang is AlphaWallet's co founder and CTO. He has over 5 years experience in the blockchain space and was an early adopter and advocate of Bitcoin. Before joining AlphaWallet, Weiwu was the blockchain architect for the largest financial institution in Australia. He has personally lead over 12 blockchain projects, including identification on blockchain, inter-bank mortgages, post trade processing, cross institutional fund management, trustworthy financial communications, inter-chain asset exchange and mobile wallets. Weiwu also has a strong security and cryptography background and focuses much of his time on open source development.

  • 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit

    Taipei Marriott Hotel

    *****TICKETS REQUIRED, SPECIAL DISCOUNT BELOW***** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/asia-blockchain-summit-2018-tickets-46912699146 Asia Blockchain Summit 2018, the first summit held by Asia Blockchain Alliance, is the most iconic blockchain summit in Asia this year. More than ten countries' governments participate in the Asia Blockchain Summit, talking about the current status and future possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency in various countries. This summit will be a professional place for: ✔️1000+ Attendees ✔️100+ Speakers ✔️️50+ Influential Companies ✔️50%+ C-Level ✔️30+ Countries Tracks: ✔️Government Summit: Regulation and The Next Blockchain Adoption ✔️SRO, Industry Evolution and Market Trend ✔️️Token Economy: Cryptocurrencies and National Cryptocurrencies ✔️Social Impact: Society, Humanity and Culture ✔️Difficulties, Uncertainties and Prospects : Technology in Blockchain ✔️Decentralized Future Taiwan has become one of the largest hubs of blockchain and cryptocurrency on this side of the world because of its Friendly Policy, Strategic Location and Talented Developers. ********************************************************************************* As a special gift to members of Shanghai Blockchain, we have arranged for a special 85% discount for ONLY the first 50 members of the Shanghai Blockchain community. Original Price is TWD$15,000 (USD $500) Use code "dalchemy.io" on the ticket site https://www.eventbrite.com/e/asia-blockchain-summit-2018-tickets-46912699146

  • ECTAsia Shanghai - Aragon, Gnosis, imToken, MakerDao, Melonport & Raiden Network

    Aragon, Gnosis, imToken, MakerDao, Melonport and Raiden Network assembled a crew to meet the Asian Ethereum communities, exchange ideas and #buidl together. More info about the projects: http://ethtour.asia/ Many thanks to https://ethfans.org/ for helping with the organization! Talks in English and 中文字幕. 中文描述下面. The last months have seen a number of major releases and partnerships, which led us to stress Ethereum's interoperability as our tour motto, by showing you how our different layers of Ethereum software inter-operate. Gnosis is building a prediciton market platform that will improve forecasting of future events by accessing a global liquidity pool. To ensure trading on these markets is benefical a token is needed that is not effected by fluctuating token prices. MakerDAO is providing a stable coin solution enabling this. MakerDAO and Gnosis are also both at the forefront of building a decentralized exchange to facilitate trades in the Ethereum chain's trustless environment. These exchanges can be integrated into the Melon protocol to allow managers to create new decentralized financial products and sell their portfolio, in a technology regulated fund structure. If users want to pay with their tokens in the real world, they can convert them into Dai stable coins and pay through Raiden payment channels, to save the gas cost and relieve the mainnet. And finally, as the Ethereum community and the space is growing, so do the challenges of organizing, governing and updating our open source technologies, which are tackled by Aragon. More info about the projects: http://ethtour.asia/ 通告 | Aragon、Gnosis、MakerDao、Melonport 以及 Raiden 联合团队将赴亚洲与以太坊社区见面,与大家交流想法,共同发展! 在上个月,我们看到了一系列重要的新版发布和伙伴关系缔结,因此,我们将“加强以太坊的互操作性”作为我们此行的主题。我们会向大家展示,不同层级的以太坊软件可以如何互相集合。 Gnosis 正在开发一个预测市场平台,可以通过连接全球流动性池来增强对未来事件的预测。要确保预测市场的交易是有利可图的,就要有一种代币可以不受代币市场价格波动的影响。MakerDao 正在提供一套稳定币解决方案,这就可以解决这个问题。同时,MakerDao 和 Gnosis 正在开发一个去中心化交易所,以协助在以太坊区块链的无需信任的环境中的交易。这些交易所可以整合到 Melon 协议中,让管理者可以在一个以技术来规范的资金结构中创造新的去中心化金融产品并销售他们的资产组合。如果用户希望用他们在现实世界中的货币进行支付,他们可以使用稳定币 Dai 并通过 Raiden(雷电)的支付通道来支付,以节省 Gas 费用并减轻主网的压力。最后,因为以太坊社区以及整个圈子都在成长,所以我们要面对组织、治理和升级我们的开源技术的挑战,而这些可以通过 Aragon 来处理。 演讲嘉宾: Gnosis × Anna George Aragon × Jorge Izquierdo Maker × Chao Pan Melonport × Hansen Wang Brainbot × Chris Seifert

  • Consensys, Golem, MakerDAO & ECF: on business models & ecosystem initiatives

    We welcome Golem, Consensys and MakerDAO to present their business models, current status and ecosystem friendly initiatives. https://golem.network/ https://consensys.net/ https://makerdao.com/ https://ecf.network/ Golem, the project that’s creating a decentralized global marketplace for computing power, will be touring around Asia and has joined forces with several prominent projects for a series of events whose concept is to deep dive into specific elements that make the blockchain ecosystem so diverse, fascinating and groundbreaking. In the Shanghai edition of this tour, Golem has joined forces with Consensys, company behind several projects, initiatives to facilitate mainstream adoption and funding of new projects. As special guests, Golem invited MakerDAO, the project behind the Ethereum-based Dai stablecoin. Ethereum Community Fund is a newly launched initiative, founded by key projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, to provide grant funding and support to key infrastructure projects, developer tooling, and developer community building globally. Join these prominent companies in this event where we’ll analyze the following topics: Agenda - Consenys China and the Ethereum Ecosystem (Yi Tang, ConsenSys) - Golem Worldwide Supercomputer: Overview and status (Chris Waclawek, Golem) - MakerDAO stablecoin: Overview and status (QJ Wang & Chao Pan, MakerDAO) - ECF: overview Ethereum Community Fund (Cassandra Shi, ECF) - Open networking and get together At the... naked Hub@Century Avenue 1229 Shi Ji Da Dao (Century Avenue), Pudong Xinqu, The Century Metropolis, building 2, floor 2 世纪大道1229号世纪大都会2号楼2楼, 近福山路 From joint fund initiatives such as the newly funded ECF (Ethereum Community Fund) which will be presented by Golem, to grant programs and funds for start-ups, educational initiatives and more, both Golem and Consensys are fronting different endeavours towards the improvement of the ecosystem and mainstream adoption. Both teams will take the audience on a tour through the most outstanding ones, as well as presenting their business cases and tips how to grow in the space. Featuring: Chris Waclawek (Business Development and Strategy) - Golem https://golem.network/ Yi Tang (China Lead) - ConsenSys https://consensys.net/ QJ Wang & Chao Pan - MakerDAO https://makerdao.com/ Cassandra Shi - Grant Manager ECF https://ecf.network/

  • Stablecoins against high price volatility in cryptos - MakerDAO

    WeWork Financial Center

    Free event. March 13th,[masked]:30pm-9:00pm PLEASE REGISTER AT: https://shanghai-ethereum-meetup.formstack.com/forms/makerdao DON'T FORGET YOUR ID on March 13th! WeWork IFC Shanghai IFC Mall, No.8 Century Avenue (HSBC Building), 15th floor 上海国金中心 世纪大道 8号 (汇丰银行) 15楼 Tonight, we want to discuss one central question of blockchains: Would you buy your coffee with bitcoin/ether? Why not? Because of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. The extreme price movements we see in cryptocurrencies, discourages people from using it as a medium of exchange: Why would you buy (or sell) a coffee for bitcoin, if bitcoin is worth 20% more (or less) the next day? We are very happy to welcome Chao Pan from MakerDAO to discuss stable cryptocurrencies with us. He presents the ideas behind 'stablecoins' as well as MakerDAO's own stablecoin, called Dai. What are stablecoins? If you lend your friend 1 ETH at a price of 1000 USD, this 1 ETH might be worth 500 USD at the time you get the 1 ETH back. This extreme price movement is not only making loans a hassle, but also storing value in cryptocurrencies becomes inconvenient if you might loose half of the currency's value in a matter of weeks. How can we have a currency with the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency and relatively stable prices at the same time? That's were stable stablecoins come into play: MakerDAO's Dai token, for example, is price stabilized against the value of the U.S. Dollar, which means: 1 Dai stays around 1 USD in value. What is MakerDAO? The Dai token is MakerDAO's evolving approach to stable cryptocurrencies. Dai token is created by the Dai Stablecoin System developed by Maker team. Dai stablecoin system is a decentralized platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, since 2017. Read more about MakerDAO's Dai stablecoin: https://makerdao.com https://makerdao.com/whitepaper https://github.com/makerdao Agenda 6:30 - 7:00 pm Welcome & Get-together 7:00 - 7:40 pm Chao Pan (MakerDAO) - Stablecoins 7:40 - 8:20 pm Panel Discussion: “Flexibility vs. network effect - Building your own blockchain vs. using a proven ecosystem” Ethereum Foundation & Ethfans (Toya), MakerDAO (ChaoPan), Factom (Michael), Cybex (Joe) 8:20 pm Continued discussion off-stage & networking This event is sponsored by ENTU: "ENTU is a global public chain project established in Hong Kong, with office in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Canada and Germany. It is a platform and ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchain application. With ENTU, you can connect your existing system to a wide range of blockchain networks, including those designed for banking, medicine, education, real estate and more. Backed by a team with rich experience in IT, marketing and finance, ENTU has robust market resources in both blockchain and traditional industries." More about stablecoins: Vitalik Buterin on stable currencies https://blog.ethereum.org/2014/11/11/search-stable-cryptocurrency/ More about MakerDAO's Dai stablecoin: https://makerdao.com https://makerdao.com/whitepaper https://github.com/makerdao [中文] http://ethfans.org/posts/maker-dao-and-stable-coin-dai

  • Meet Disruptive Blockchain Solutions and 6 ICO Founders from across the globe

    Hello Shanghai Travelling far and wide in the cryptoverse... We have been giving talks at London and Zug - the crypto valley, and stand supported and encouraged by the community's enthusiastic welcome for DGCAMP! We will do a global tour of Dubai, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen this September to meet the community supporting crypto disruptions. If you are blockchain magician who can help us organise the talks in your city - drop me a line. If anyone wants to sponsor a venue that can host hundred to two hundred people, please get in touch with us! 4 confirmed ICO founder speakers: Arifa Khan, DGCAMP - UK, Paige Freeman, New Alchemy - USA, Sweetbridge - USA Martin Mische BrickBlock - Europe More ICOs to be announced soon! Himalaya Labs Presents DGCAMP What is DGCAMP? First came unstoppable cash in 2008, then unstoppable computing in 2014, and now the promise of unstoppable capital in 2018! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome the revolution! DGCAMP is a new age architecture for the securities issuance market. Issuers like companies, governments and trusts that raise capital in the form of equity, bonds, loans, treasuries etc will now be able to directly interact with investors on an automated platform run by smart contracts and blockchain. This gets rid of intermediaries like investment banks and creates direct access between issuers and investors. This is one of the biggest real world use cases of blockchain, and we are mighty thrilled about this ambitious project. ICO is coming soon! If you are curious to know more, see medium article What is DGCAMP? https://medium.com/@misskhan/what-is-dgcamp-2a6fae4cf699, unstoppable capital on blockchain ... https://medium.com/@misskhan/unstoppable-capital-my-aha-moment-3ce10791f853 network effects in the cryptoverse... https://medium.com/@misskhan/network-effects-in-the-cryptoverse-19f3b7b731ab We are currently touring and scanning far corners of the earth trying to build a capable team that can execute a project of this stature and vision. That is why we named it Himalaya! The lofty, the grand, the noble, the pristine, the divine, the forever rising, representing the perfect and the pinnacle of spirit! These are the kinds of interesting incidents that inspire me. Meeting legends and being inspired by their towering contributions, presence and their humility! Here is a video of VItalik giving a talk at IIT Mumbai in India, where we hosted Blockchain India Week and Ethereum India Summit in May 2017! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3vQenZgIS0 Himalaya Labs is leading an Asia tour of blockchain founders in September. Our first stop is Dubai. Also joining us will be New Alchemy, Sweetbridge and 5 other upcoming ICOs. Ping me if you want to schedule our talk in your town! DGCAMP white paper will be published soon. You can see the preliminary paper here http://himalayalabs.com/Himalaya-Executive-Summary2.pdf. If you are a token investor, marketer or blockchain wizard or know any that we should be talking to, tell me now! We are looking for community managers around the world! We already have awesome community managers Tsering in Hongkong, Takashi in Tokyo, and Yohann in South Korea! We are looking for passionate people in China who have been active in the blockchain community! Come be a part of the revolution! Disrupt a real industry, 500 times the size of current crypto economy! See you soon! Sponsored by http://himalayalabs.com

  • Blockchain Spring innovation: Matchpool and CoinDash

    Weplus Coworking Space

    March 15,[masked]:00pm-9:00pm VENUE: WEPLUS Coworking Space No. 98 Huai Hai middle road, Golden Bell plaza 5th floor FREE EVENT To welcome the spring season, we have invited two innovative companies to show how they use blockchain in their business! The first is matchpool, a platform rewarding you (with reputation) for introducing people and being their matchmaker. It's a special way to gain value from your own personal network! The second is CoinDash, a platform for mainstream users to identify new investment opportunities by taking advantage of the platforms innovative features such as social networking tools! Take this chance to meet the Yonatan Shimon from Matchpool and Alon Muroch from Coindash to get an idea of how business build new blockchain technologies! Yonatan (Matchpool) has spent the last 5 years in managing a successful crypto investment portfolio, his portfolio increased 33x in the past 3 years. He previously worked as a long short hedge fund manager before founding matchpool- an ethereum based crypto project Alon Muroch (CoinDash) Blockchain developer, entrepreneur, creator of Bitcoin-Authenticator, former head of iOS at PayKey and blockchain evangelist. matchpool.co http://www.coindash.io Welcome to scan to register through our Wechat account as well. If You have added this Wechat account, just send message "Sign Up" to it. Special thanks to Venue provider: WEPLUS Co-working Space WE+ provides comfy and harmonious office working environment and serves as a hub of various resources for start-ups, freelancers as well as established companies

  • Scaling the Chain: Lightning Network by Lightning Labs

    Weplus Coworking Space

    February 12,[masked]:00pm-5:00pm NEW VENUE: Weplus Coworking Space No. 98 Huai Hai middle road, Golden Bell plaza 5th floor WePlus coop working space FREE EVENT To Kick off Chinese new year, Bitcoin performed strongly, continuing the trend since the start of 2017. And just like last time, Bitcoin is once again getting the media spotlight. Suddenly, blockchain and Bitcoin projects have experienced another surge in free advertising similar to the last time Bitcoin price topped 1000 USD. One of those projects is the “Lightning Network” developed by Lightning Labs, which has become crucial in building a robust Bitcoin blockchain. Lightning Network was conceptualized by Joseph Poon, with the goal of realizing a next generation Bitcoin blockchain. As the number of Bitcoin transactions grows, congestion on the network is now a very serious challenge. As one of the key development groups working on the Bitcoin blockchain, Lightning Network tackles this challenge with innovative blockchain solutions. At this month’s Shanghai Blockchain meetup, we are proud to welcome the co-founders and Lightning developers: Joseph Poon and Laolu Osuntokun to tell us about their most recent developments and take the time to discuss ideas with us. Don’t miss this chance to talk to some of the key industry developers for the newest challenges and opportunities! Welcome to scan to register through our Wechat account as well: Special thanks to new Venue provider: We Plus Co-working Space WE+ provides comfy and harmonious office working environment and serves as a hub of various resources for start-ups, freelancers as well as established companies.

  • Blockchain Technology Showcase: Intellisys Capital and Republic of Conscience

    January 11, 7:00pm - 9:00pm NEW VENUE: Weplus Coworking Space No. 98 Huai Hai middle road, Golden Bell plaza 5th floor Welcome to the new year! Did you make a resolution this year? If it was to learn more about new blockchain technology, come attend the first Shanghai Blockchain Meetup of 2017! We have invited two special presenters to talk about how they are using blockchain in exciting new ways! Intellisys Captial, founded by Charlie Shrem and Jason Granger, offers an investment portfolio with tokens representing shares in the portfolio of "middle market companies." Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin early adopter and former Bitcoin foundation Vice Chairman who has been starting Bitcoin business and investing in Bitcoin since early 2011. Jason Granger is a finance professional who has successfully built large teams in banking, real estate, construction, private equity and operational companies. Jason’s most recent efforts in finance resulted in a four-year joint venture partnership with AIG, equating to a $405 Million equity commitment in a $2 Billion real estate development platform. The Republic of Conscience is a Blockchain space devoted to a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability - Philip McMaster, a.k.a. ‘SustainaClaus and now BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE’ will tell us about the new "SDG" 3rd Sector Social Credit Token to serve the United Nations' 17PlusONE Sustainable Development Goals. Come kick off your year by learning about these innovations by industry pioneers!