February 9th Hacker News Meetup @ Daga Brewpub

Hosted by Shanghai Hacker News Meetup

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Shanghai Hacker News Meetup
Shanghai Hacker News Meetup
Public group
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Hey creatives,

We're a group of hackers (i.e. cool people) who meet monthly to chat about technology, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 我们是一群极客,每月的第一个或者星期四见面-谈论科技、设计、创新、商业等等。欢迎来展示你的新项目、新公司,很多朋友通过参加HN找到了新员工或者投资商呢 :)

This month 's Hacker News Meetup is happening (February 9th) at DAGA Brewpub (No.100 West Fuxing Lu). The event starts at 7pm. If you get lost, call[masked].

下个月的骇客大会将于周四(9月8日)在DAGA Brewpub (复兴西路100号)举行。活动7点开始。如果你找不到路,请拨打[masked]。

1 presentation=1 free drink

Thanks to our magnificent venue sponsor DAGA Brewpub, if you share a cool idea/project/invention with us, they'll give you a free drink - trust me, their beers are the best. Limited spots, please send your topics to [masked]/wechat: samantha-cheah in advance. Each talk will be 5-10mins, you can bring your slides if you want.

感谢场地赞助商DAGA, 如果你愿意参与现场展示,他们会提供一杯免费饮品(说真的,他们的啤酒超赞诶!)。限10人,请把你的演讲主题提前告诉我[masked]/wechat: samantha-cheah 每个演讲为5-10分钟,你可以带幻灯片演示。


1. Garret Fick from ChinaNetCloud: "Lessons from my YCombinator startup"

Garret is currently the Software Architect for ChinaNetCloud. He is an experienced software engineer and technical leader with more than 14 years experience, of which nearly 11 years have been spent developing software for the Electronics Design Automation industry. His career spans architecting large professional EDA applications to mobile and web-based applications for start-ups, and has co-founded a YCombinator funded company. He has significant international experience, having worked in Canada, US, and China. He holds a BASc and MASc in Engineering from the University of Toronto.

2. Rachel Daydou from Lihaoma: "Being a female foreign founder of a tech company with no technical background"

Rachel 海珊 DAYDOU, Co-Founder and CBO of 礼好吗, mobile app that gamifies advertising. She is also a Startup Grind Shanghai organising commitee member and leads the entrepreneurship program at UTSEUS Shanghai University.

3. Fan from Mozzos.com: "Will Co-working Space work as it should in China?"

Fan is the Founder and CEO of Mozzos, a community tool built for users of co-working spaces. Mozzos is also involved in curating activities and movements to help building startup communities and connecting like-minded people. They are an active player in the sustainability community, having built an individual channel of support just for sustainability driven entrepreneurs, including Impact Hub Shanghai.