What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in Horror culture in general.

Do you like...

...watching horror movies?
...playing survival horror video-games?
...visiting haunted houses?
...exploring decaying areas / buildings in Shanghai?
...writing articles or fictional horror stories?
...photo-shooting creepy places in town?
or even shooting horror movies?

If your answer is YES to one, two or even all the questions above , then this group is just waiting for you to join!

We can find and explore together the most unusual corners of Shanghai (including haunted houses) or we can gather together for horror movies screenings, photo shooting of unusual places/buildings or even take part in short movie projects.

I'm currently developing content for my website Dark-Floors.com and if you like anything I just mentioned above you can contribute to the content development by writing articles about eerie places you/we have visited in Shanghai, by reviewing any horror movie or video-game you liked, by submitting your photos taken during urban explorations , by writing fictional horror stories in episodes, urban legends, and more...

IMPORTANT (i): This is a no-profit cooperation and just a hobby I'd like to share with people who have the same interests. If we attend together public events that require the purchase of a ticket or if we organize our own private events that need the rent of a space, each participating member will be required to buy his / her own ticket or to contribute with a shared fee if we need to rent a space.

IMPORTANT (ii): In this MEETUP group context, Urban Exploration is NOT intended as the trespassing of places that are not supposed to be trespassed or too dangerous to visit. Urban Exploration can be intended as the research, exploration and photography of old, eerie areas or buildings exteriors (and interiors whenever possible), and/or the exploration of places that, despite being public, are particularly odd and creepy.

IMPORTANT (iii): if you'd like to write articles, reviews or fictional horror stories for http://www.dark-floors.com , you will be entitled of a free account as contributor through Wordpress where you can submit your piece of work. All the works will be first reviewed for approval by Dark-floors.com and then published with the author's nickname or real name (if you'd like so). The author will retain ownership of the submitted article and acknowledge that the work he / she has submitted to Dark-floors.com is his / her own and not plagiarized or borrowed.

See you around!


Meetup Organizer and Dark-Floor.com founder

PS: Shanghai Horror Writers & Urban Explorers is my first Meetup group. I'm also the owner of Shanghai Horror Game Developers group. If interested you can check it out here:

http://www.meetup.com/Shanghai-Horror-Game-... (http://www.meetup.com/Shanghai-Horror-Game-Developers)

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