What we're about

This is a group for hula hoop enthusiasts in Shanghai. Whether your a beginner or a professional! Come teach, come greet, come play!

Monday nights would be perfect to meet, to teach ,and learn。 Please let me know if this is a good day for you all!! :)

My weechat is H293013561687

Please add me with the subject hula hooping to be added to the Hula hoopers Shanghai Weechat Group.

Other bits in bops are very welcome including staff, poi, fans, juggling, acrobatics, acro yoga etc.

If you are also interested in hooping with circus'esk varieties. Shanghai AcroYoga meet on Sundays and you are free to hoop or play there too!


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ZhongShan Park 中山公园

Hello ladies last minute hooping

ZhongShan Park 中山公园