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[EME China Consultants (https://www.emechina.us)] Win Without Speaking Chinese (WWSC) is a new brand I am developing for a series of webinars and masterclass programs focused on doing business in China.

It's been also two years since I left Shanghai, and I am continuously trying to discover new ways to deliver value to this group and keep it active.

Shanghai International Meetup will soon pass nine thousand members!


This Meetup group continues to grow with our wonderful event organizers, sponsors, and members; and THIS WILL CONTINUE!


Gene J. Hsu

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Western Political Correctness is a positive force

After 72 people attended the Big gene editing Debate, the 33rd Big Debate will take on Western Political Correctness. Big Debate motion: Western political correctness is a positive force Are you For the motion? Against the motion? Undecided? You can't say that! Can you or can't you? In the West the topic of political correctness has heated up and is a polarising force. Should we censor our speech out of respect for others? Are there some vulnerable minority groups with a history of oppression that we should be sensitive to not offend? Or should we be have limitless free speech where insults and disrespect is tolerated? Which approach creates the most positive outcome for society? Cages will serve their 8RMB Pizza Special of buy one get one for 8RMB, along with a menu with many food and drink options. 30RMB pre-paid price. 50RMB at the door. Payment methods: Big Debates wechat account: BigDebates Debate format: Each Debate will have 6 Front Line Debaters, 3 For the motion, 3 Against the motion. Initial Vote: All debaters/audience members will cast their vote for the motion, against the motion or undecided. Opening Statements: Front-line debaters will be each be given 3 minutes of uninterrupted argument presentation time. Rebuttal: The floor will be opened to the Front-line debaters to respond to each others opening statements. Full Scale Debate: The audience join in with questions, comments and challenges for the Front-liners. The Moderater will facilitate full scale all out debate through a variety of key battle areas. Closing Statements: One Front-line debater and one audience members for each side will each have 2 minutes uninterrupted closing statements. Final Vote: All debaters will cast their vote for, against or undecided. The side that changed the most minds from the initial vote shall win. *No criticism of the our host nation is permitted. Our Facebook page will live stream this event if you can't make it and also host future Big Online Debates: Big Debates Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/BigDebates/ )

26th Apr | COLINK X DREAM BREWERS Professional Rooftop Mixer

Dream Brewers Restaurant & Bar 梦想酿造精酿餐厅

COLINK X DREAM BREWERS Professionals Rooftop Mixer For more event information, please check: https://yoopay.cn/event/36522481 Join us at one of the most beautiful rooftops in Shanghai at Dream Brewers. We are inviting professionals across all industries here to make good connections on 26th April Friday. 4月26日周五晚六点半 在上海最美的露天屋顶酒吧之一Dream Brewers 我们邀请了上海各行业的精英到这里享受日渐温暖的春天夜晚,交流认识志同道合的人。 This is the Networking event for sharing your great ideas and experiences, meeting like-minded people, exploring potential business corporation. We are expecting 150 people for this rooftop mixer. Book your ticket to secure your spot. 社交是为了分享你的观点和经验,认识志同道合的人,探索潜在的商务合作机会。此次我们将有150人参与我们的行业精英露天社交鸡尾酒酒会。 位置有限,请尽快预定。 Event Details When Friday, April 26,[masked]:30 - 22:30 4月26日 周五 18:30 - 22:30 Where Dream Brewers 3-4/F, Building 3, 758 Jululu, Jing An 梦想酿造餐厅 静安区巨鹿路758号3栋3-4楼 Dress Code Smart Casual/精致时尚 Event Rundown 18:30 - 19:00 Sign in 签到 19:00 - 20:30 Business card exchange and networking 交换名片和交流 20:30 - 21:00 Opening Speech 开场致辞 Lucky Draw 幸运抽奖 21:00 - 22:30 Mix and mingle 交流互动 About Venue Dream Brewers 巨鹿路758里的绝美露台 Dream Brewers is located at the central area of Jing An Jululu 758. Covering over 700 square meters of the indoor restaurant and one of the most beautiful rooftops in Shanghai, with fine decoration, hi-tech equipment, luxury drink list and creative Michelin Chef food, Dream Brewers is giving you the most wondering experience of drinking and dining. 梦想酿造餐厅位于静安中心的巨鹿路758,覆盖超过700平方米的室内外空间,精致的装修,高科技取酒机器人,冰封酒柱,平价世界顶级精选酒酿啤酒,米其林主厨出品的精致西餐,浦西CBD最美夜景的超级露台。梦想酿造餐厅旨在给你一个最美好的用餐交流环境和体验。 HOW TO SIGN UP Ticket Info Early Bird早鸟票 Before 22nd April Monday 4月22日周一前报名 88RMB/ Person Regular Ticket普通票 108RMB/ Person Ticket at Door现场票 128RMB/ Person Sign up from https://yoopay.cn/event/36522481 Event Highlight Industry experts and professionals Business card exchange Secret lucky draw gift Attendees Our members represent expats, returnees or locals with rich expertise in different industries such as Finance, Real Estate Investment, Education the industries of finance, education, trading, marketing, technology, real estate, legal, entertainment, entrepreneurs, medical and small-medium business. ABOUT US As an independent Shanghai-based international community, we aim to provide well-chosen and creative lifestyles and events, along with information sharing and exchanging for either expatriates or locals to help both to build an effective rapport. In an ever-changing business climate, networking event is an efficient method to help you stay current and gain more opportunities. You are joining an internationally diverse community with over 50 countries represented which is still increasing in every event. Contact Us Bonnie Wang[masked] [masked]

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