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Are you a 'China Expat' or leader doing business in China? How you ever been frustrated managing Chinese employees, working with Chinese suppliers/partners, or developing the 'Guanxi' relationships necessary to get things done in China? Would you like to be able to solve your own China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs)? In this series of FREE Zoom Webinars, Gene J. Hsu, creator and host of the CLD Podcast, China Expat, cross-cultural performance instructor, PMS consultant, and entrepreneur in China will present CHINA BUSINESS 101 in 8 Common Business Engagements. Each session will include: • CASE STUDY!!! NEW!!! • Biggest Misperceptions • Greatest Challenges • Common Mistakes • Killer Tips • LIVE Q&A WHO SHOULD REGISTER China expats and business leaders who have significant exposure with Chinese stakeholders. Global managers that deal with local Chinese partners. Individuals that want to develop essential soft skills for doing business in multicultural business environments. WHAT ATTENDEES WILL LEARN (GAIN) • Learn the major cultural dichotomies between China and the West and how to successfully navigate them. Avoid stepping on a cultural landmine! • Understand Chinese culture and discover how to create real guanxi relationships that minimize friction and accelerate growth and profitability • Discover your own myopia to avoid lost revenue, wasted expenditures, and a negative reputation for yourself and your business • Learn about the GUANXI Engine that empowers all relationships in China, understand Chinese giving and receiving of FACE in the proper cultural context, and develop a framework for achieving more favorable outcomes across all business and personal engagements MINDSET FOR CHINA BUSINESS (SCHEDULE) 9:00am CST on July 26 -- China Business 101 & Cross-Cultural Performance 9:00am CST on August 9 -- Communications 101 9:00am CST on August 23 -- Negotiations 101 9:00am CST on September 6 -- Aligning Objectives 101 9:00am CST on September 20 -- Partnering 101 9:00am CST on October 4 -- Team Building 101 9:00am CST on October 18 -- Chinese Consumers 101 9:00am CST on November 1 -- Leadership 101 9:00am CST on November 15 -- Chinese Employees 101 REGISTRATION All attendees must register online. All registered attendees will be emailed a private Zoom link prior to each session. After each webinar, registered attendees will also receive a PDF summary of each lesson. One-time registration grants access to all nine webinars and all accompanying documentation. NOTE: This webinar will be hosted via Zoom. You will need a good internet connection and microphone/headphones to interact and ask questions. From China, 4G cellular typically works better than Wifi.

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While I love meeting and engaging with you in-person through our Meetup events, the trend has been moving online with more sophisticated technology platforms.

Last year, I relocated back to the US, but my passion hasn't changed...

My MISSION is to spread greater cultural awareness for doing business in China through more engagement and more content, which is why we launch the free series of MINDSET FOR CHINA BUSINESS webinars.

We've also created a variety of shows (The MINDSET Report, CLD Stories & Lessons, CLD Podcast, CLD Insights) and repurpose our recordings to more channels for those who don't have a VPN or don't use an iPhone.


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Shanghai International Meetup continues to grow with our wonderful event organizers, sponsors, and members; and THIS WILL CONTINUE!


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