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Oct.24th JavaScript meetup@Crocus Bar&Restaurant.­ Let's rock and roll!

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18 Yuyuan Branch Rd, Jing'an · Shanghai

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Subway line 2/7, Jing'an Temple Station. NO.18 Yuyuan Branch Rd. 地铁2号线/7号线,静安寺地铁站1号口,愚园路支路18号

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Hey JSers,

One month ago, we had awesome JSConf China 2016 hosted in Nanjing! Over 800 people joined us, and we had a lot of fun with these guys in the world of JavaScript.

大家还记得一个月前我们在南京举办了一场盛大的Ning JSConf China 2016!有超过800只来自世界各地的程序猿和爱好者来到现场,会场锣鼓喧天、鞭炮齐鸣、红旗招展、人山人海!每个人都在JavaScript的海洋中自由翱翔!

And here's the video, see if you can find your self ;)

来看看我们现场的视频,能否找到你自己呢 ;)嘿嘿嘿

This month we are gonna have a JavaScript meetup on Oct.24th 7:00 pm at Crocus Bar&Restaurant, let's keep rolling in the awesome JS technologies. No matter you are a developer, student or JS beginner, let's get a beer🍻/pizza🍕 and sit down, share the funny JS stuff with others! Trust me, Crocus has the best beer and cocktail!

时别三月,10月24日(周一)晚7:00 我们会在Crocus(阔客仕)酒吧举办新的JS meetup,让我们再次聚集在一起分享有意思的话题吧!无论你是程序猿,学生还是JS初学者,都不是事儿。让我们坐在一起,喝着啤酒,吃着pizza,一起分享JavaScript!


We encourage everyone to share your knowledge like:


• Framework: React, Vue, Angular, Express, Loopback, Meteor, ...

• API: REST, socketIO, GraphQL, ...

• Architecture: micro services, event sourcing, message queue, ...

• Business scenario: payment, visualization, data science, ...

• Your own super awesome JavaScript libraries.

and any other awesome technology or story about JavaScript!


If you wanna know more or wanna share your thoughts with us, don't hesitate to send us your talks here , or contact me [masked].

如果你想接触更多内容或者想要分享你的话题,不要犹豫赶紧将你的想法告诉我吧!可以填写 ,或者直接联系我 [masked].

In the coming event, we'd have:


• 2 main talks (each 20-30mins)

1) 《Build GraphQL schema based on Mongoose》 By Wayne

Both GraphQL and Mongoose are aiming to improve and simplify the developing workflow, but it is verbose to use them together, you have to build duplicated GraphQL type based on Mongoose schema, create simple CRUD method for each model, etc. So it is time to combine them together and make everything simple again.

2) 《 You PROMISE and then?》 By Tobias Nickel

Javascript promises are a while around, they help you to structure your sourcecode, when working with async tasks. In this talk I want to pick you up, with the first async task I ever wrote, to do ajax. Show you different async coding styles and go deeper into promises. You will see some examples and see how error-handling is made, to save you hours of debugging time, that I recently had to spend. In the end we take a look to the async future of JS with async/await.

• 2 lightning talks (each 5-10mins)

1) 《Star history》 By Tim Qian

The missing star history graph of github repos.

2) 《A quick introduction to functional programming》By Denise

Functional programming is trendy now, but what does it actually mean? I will attempt to introduce some core principles of FP and demonstrate with JS code examples.

Oh, one more thing. Thanks to our sponsor Crocus, we'll have free beer for speakers! And cocktail discount for all attendees!


Can't wait to see you all!