Dec.14th JavaScript meetup@WE+. Let's try something new!

Shanghai JavaScript Meetup
Shanghai JavaScript Meetup
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WE+ co-working space 联合办公空间

上海黄浦黄陂北路227号中区广场1层105室 WE+联合办公空间, Room 105, Central Plaza, Huangpi Bei Lu No.227, Huangpu District, Shanghai · Shanghai

How to find us

人民广场地铁站11号口出步行两分钟,到达黄陂北路227号中区广场105室。Room 105, Central Plaza, Huangpi Bei Lu No.227, Huangpu District, 2 mins walk from People Square Exit 11


This time we are gonna have a JavaScript meetup on Dec.14th 7:00 pm at WE+ co-working space(黄陂北路227号中区广场105室,人广11号口出走两分钟到。Room 105, Central Plaza, Huangpi Bei Lu No.227, Huangpu District, 2 mins walk from People Square Exit 11). Right before Christmas, let's keep rolling in the awesome JS technologies. No matter you are a developer, student or JS beginner, let's get some beer/pizza and sit down, share the funny JS stuff with others!

12月14日(周三)晚7:00我们会在We+联合办公空间举办十二月的JS meetup,让我们再次聚集在一起分享有意思的话题吧!无论你是程序猿,学生还是JS初学者,都不是事儿。让我们坐在一起,喝着啤酒,吃着pizza,一起分享JavaScript!

We encourage everyone to share your knowledge like:


• Framework: React, Vue, Angular, Express, Loopback, Meteor, ...

• API: REST,socketIO,GraphQL, ...

• Architecture: micro services, event sourcing, message queue, ...

• Business scenario: payment, visualization, data science, ...

• Your own super awesome JavaScript libraries.

and any other awesome technology or story about JavaScript!


If you wanna know more or wanna share your thoughts with us, don't hesitate to send us your talks here , or contact me directly [masked].

如果你想接触更多内容或者想要分享你的话题,不要犹豫赶紧将你的想法告诉我吧!可以填写 ,或者直接联系我[masked].

In the coming event, we'd have:


• 2 main talks (each 20-30mins)

First Topic:《Boost your Web Application with C++! 》

By Philippe Leefsma from Autodesk

Philippe is developer advocate at Autodesk for over 10 years. He started by supporting AutoCAD and Inventor API's in C++, VBA and .Net. Nowadays he focuses on Web technologies to assist programmers who migrate or develop for the Cloud。

Whether you are a hardcore C++ developer, a JavaScript fan or a Web enthusiast, come to see how you can get started compiling C++ to run in browsers and get a sneak peak at the future of web development! Following a quick introduction to Emscripten, asm.js and Web Assembly, I will talk about my own experience at implementing a 3D particle system in JavaScript and C++, then converting it to asm.js and Web Assembly to see what it takes and how much faster it can run in the browser!

Second Topic: 《React-application architecture evolution》

By Garret from ChinaNetCloud.

Garret is currently the Software Architect for ChinaNetCloud. He is an experienced software engineer and technical leader with more than 14 years experience, of which nearly 11 years have been spent developing software for the Electronics Design Automation industry. His career spans architecting large professional EDA applications to mobile and web-based applications for start-ups, and has co-founded a YCombinator funded company. He has significant international experience, having worked both in Canada and China on assignment. He holds a BASc and MASc in Engineering from the University of Toronto.

The topic is to discuss how our application architecture has changed over time, the decisions that went into why it is like it is, and how we plan to change in the future

Third Topic: 《JS in Mobile Apps》

By Jerry from LionIQ

Jerry is currently building LionIQ, a plugin to instantly add e-commerce to any mobile app. Since moving to Shanghai in 2012, he has built web and mobile apps for clients and his own business ideas. Jerry is a graduate of Columbia University with BS in Electrical Engineering.

The topic is about the pros and cons of "Hybrid vs Native" mobile app development, and present a basic use case why you need both.


Can't wait to see you all!