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Anyone who is interested in numerology reading and learning is more than welcome to join this group.

We do "rainbow numerology", which is an advanced and evolved version differ from traditional numerology, empowering the results to be more accurate and dynamic. We offer reading session, numerology workshop and numerology learning.

- Numerology: The Blue-print of Your Life -

IF you know that your life path has been set up before you were born..

The blue-print which is deeply rooted in our subconsciousness indirectly controls our mind, behavior, personality, our choices, preference, challenge, relationship, difficulties...

it is deciding your marriage point, break-up point, and much more changing points..

IF you start to know that you are the real master of you unconsciousness, the real owner of this BLUE-PRINT, everything starts because of you, and everything can be changed because of you

What you will do next?


As a special mystical approach, numerology helps you to learn to read your life, to know..

Hence to understand and realize.

There you mind changes, and there you learn to embrace your life.

- Seeing yourself and others in its true form. -


For information, please follow us on our official WeChat: divinebodyandmind

TEL: 15618869792

website: www.divinebodyandmind.com.cn(launching soon)

e-mail: divinebodymind@sina.com

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