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The sacred sound of the universe, carrying cosmic frequencies, penetrate your body and cell, heal you at a deeper level.

Thinking stop, inner being begins.

Divine Body and Mind Centre
- Soul rests within body and body is temple to the soul.
- Gazing at body and mind, we light up the fire of ultimate consciousness.
- 心为身之净土,身为心之神龛 -
- 凝神于身心之上,点燃灵性之火光 -

- 发现内在宁静与喜悦之旅程 -

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Divine Body and Mind Centre

Healing from the Inside Out 10:00 – 16:30 December 1 @DIVINE BODY AND MIND STUDIO · What is Rejuvenation Program? The Rejuvenation Program is intense, focused, distinctly therapeutic and healing in nature, specially geared towards people working in stressful environment and hectic urban lifestyle. ELEMENTAL DETOX, REJUVENATION, SOUND HEALING, are the very essence of this healing and rejuvenating program. The program is designed to bring the body and mind to a deeper level of balance, stability and harmony. With powerful yogic tools, practices and sound healing, it will lead you to deeper inner dimensions and help you to keep the rejuvenation process alive even after return home. It is also a process of letting go of all the holding in body mind, allowing the physical body and energy body to heal and renew itself again. FOR MORE PROGRAM DETAILS, GO TO: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=Mzg4NzA0MTYwNQ==&mid=2247484499&idx=1&sn=34984b0740659ee196209eb8d39d3ad6&chksm=cf913f79f8e6b66f280429819a8e5408a4df7dbe2ce1a12a2db170db9adbc0ea5e2310172c21&token=2033885595&lang=zh_CN#rd LIMITED SPOTS | REGISTER VIA OFFICIAL WECHAT: divinebodyandmind [masked]

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2 Nov | SOUND YOGA:Yin Yoga·Sound Healing·Handpan

Divine Body and Mind Centre

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