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When so many different types of people come together in one place, the opportunities to learn and grow from one another are limitless, as long as you have the resources to find each other and utilize them. One of the most beneficial tools to learning a new language are language exchange partners.So we privide a platform for every;one want to exchange skills,and we do it for free,,because i love diffenert culture,i give free lessons in the meet up place,,come to join us,don't spend money on some greedy company,,we do it for free!!! you can come to A building 9E, Jiafa plaza, Datian Road No.129 ,Jing’an District, (Exit 2, Nanjing West Road station ,Metro Line 2 ),,every 6:30PM to 9:00PM from Monday to Sunday.of coursemmyou can leave early if you want,,enjoy the free language exchange ,,my friends!

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bring your friends, it is free to learn,please bring the pen and notebook

A building 9E, Jiafa plaza, Datian Road No.129 ,Jing’an District