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Thursday Indoor Climbing! Go Spiders!!
Let's meet more friends and climb together!!! Our group have both beginners and intermediate "spiders", so more advanced climbers can teach basics and give some tips. PLS contact Miller on wechat[masked] to join the 150+ climbers wechat group :) Since the previous climbing gym we used at hongkou football stadium was burnt down, now we moved to Shanghai indoor stadium to keep practice. Wanna see pics from last time? Check down there ^^ Beginners are welcome! All levels can join this activity :) For beginners, we will have a short introduction on how to use the equipment and some basics for you to start climbing :) ********************* LOCATION *********************** shanghai indoor stadium rock climbing center ( tian ya qiao road 666, shanghai indoor stadium stage 3 *********************** PRICE ************************* 80 yuans (including entrance + renting shoes and harness). *************** M2 * Miller & Mariane ***************** #Mariane: You can call me an Adventure Junkie! I'm living for Travelling and Outdoor activities, especially crazy and new experience. Always up for some new stuff. Most challenging hike I've done? Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5900m high!) & 7 Peaks, Zhejiang, China (50+km) #Miller: previously a sports editor/reporter, now a standup Comedian wanna be and a serial entrepreneur in tech industry. Scan our QR code to Keep Your Life Adventurous! ;)

shanghai indoor stadium rock climbing center

tianyaqiao road 666, elevator 6, 天钥桥路666号(近零陵路)(八万人体育场6号大扶梯32号看台) · Shanghai