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Sustainable and future fashion: Documentary + discussion
April 26 @ 7:00 pm Door Entry Ticket price ¥50 Have you ever wondered what it’s like for designers working on the frontline to make our clothes more sustainable? We will be screening Frontline Fashion, Redress’ documentary held as part of the Fashion Revolution programme of events in Shanghai. Frontline Fashion is a documentary following 10 talented Asian and European emerging fashion designers determined to change the future of fashion – currently one of the most polluting industries – for the better in the world’s biggest sustainable fashion design competition, The Redress Design Award. Watch the trailer here: NOTE - Chinese subtitles available AGENDA 7pm – CHECK IN 7.15 – 7.30 pm – INTRODUCTION 7.30 – 8.30 pm – DOCUMENTARY SCREENING | Frontline Fashion 8.30 – 9.30 pm – PANEL DISCUSSION | REconomy - Redefining the future of fashion 9.30 - 10pm - NETWORKING PANEL DISCUSSION REconomy - Redefining the future of fashion Moderated by Paul Iglesia - Founder, NADA & Susanna Ma - Founder, Discover the ways changemakers are redefining the future of fashion. Mindless consumption, 'shop till you drop' is an archaic notion. The constructive path forward is the REconomy. MEET THE TRENDFORMERS 1. Xenia Sidorenka | Fashion Designer | Founder, USEDEM UseDem is a project about upcycling old jeans into new wearable products. Xenia Sidorenka, a Russian designer who lives in Shanghai, works within the fashion industry challenging and re shaping the idea of linear fashion into a circular process. Through UseDem, she transforms old denim jeans into fashionable backpacks and is taking charge to promote sustainable fashion, and upcycling. UseDem是一个关于将旧牛仔裤升级为新的可穿戴产品的项目。居住在上海的俄罗斯设计师Xenia Sidorenka,在时尚界工作,挑战并把线性时尚理念重塑成一个可循环过程。通过UseDem,她将旧牛仔裤改造成时尚背包,并负责推广可持续的时尚和环保理念。 2. Hans Galliker | Ecopreneur | Co-founder, NEEMIC Hans Galliker (aka 汉子) is a self-professed ecopreneur. Trained a farmer in Switzerland, then working in the IT industry and studying business communication, since 2009 Hans’ mission has been to support the sustainability movement. In 2011 he co-founded the conscious fashion brand NEEMIC and the Beijing Fashion Collective to trigger transition to organic in the textile industry. He is also currently building an IT service company that empowers eco-minded organizations with open source-based business software solutions. 作为瑞士人的 Hans Galliker 以「环保创业家」自居,曾经从事农业发展,亦在资讯科技业工作过以学习商业沟通。自 2009 年起,Hans 开始致力改善农业产业。他的梦想是通过可持续而环保的方式,生产健康的产品,促进农业成为世界经济中坚实而有价值的一部分。 Hans 于 2011 担任城市有机时尚品牌 NEEMIC 和北京时尚集合的联合创办人。借此将可持续的使命延续到纺织产业,从而启发人民生活态度及当代文化发展。 Hans 目前正在建立资讯科技公司,让依赖开放源代码商业软件的独立品牌提供解决方案。 3. Linda Li | Founder, Fashion Avenue 4. Ying | Founder, SwapNotShop 5. Danny Bartlett 6. Joanna Wong

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