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Shaped Reality's 3rd Annual **Virtual** Intentions Event

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Catherine H.
Shaped Reality's 3rd Annual **Virtual** Intentions Event


What feels salient for you in 2021?

Join me at Shaped Reality's 3nd Annual **Virtual** Intentions Event.

As always, the day is designed to give you time to pause and reflect on what is most important to you in the year ahead.

Because we will be meeting virtually, this will be an abbreviated version of the Intentions Event. We will, however, still have time for individual contemplation, as well as small group discussions and a couple of large group debriefs. You will leave the day with a consciously created approach to the next year.


We will meet from

• 9:30a - 12p

take an hour break for lunch, and then rejoin the call

• 1p - 3p

The Annual Intentions Event consists of:

• Being led through a process where you create your unique Theme. Your Theme is your focus for the year – it is the overarching look and feel of the year

• Creating distinctive Intentions. Intentions are where you are heading and what is important to you

• Drilling down into the meaningful Aspects of your life – the ones that you are most drawn to spending your time, energy and resources on, in the year ahead

• Having an opportunity to connect at a deeper level with yourself, your desires, and your dreams.

Cost: $139

** Please note: MeetUp was going through a payment program transition. I believe you are now able to pay through PayPal. If you experience any problems, please reach out to me, or pay me through Venmo @Catherine-Houdek **

Completion Process (pre-work):

Once you register, you will be emailed a Completion Process. Completion is about letting go of all that occurred, AND, all that didn’t. It is a very powerful experience that can clear the way for creating a fresh canvas in 2021.

** Please note: we will not be spending any time during the Annual Intentions Event sharing our Completion Process. I am offering a short call on Wednesday, January 6, 2020 at 7:30p for those who would like to debrief together. Check MeetUp for more details. **


The workbook will be emailed out to all registered participants on Thursday January 7, 2021.

About the Facilitator:

Catherine has been participating in, or facilitating, an Annual Intentions event for the past 18 years. Catherine is passionate about setting a day aside to consider the year ahead, and she is thrilled to be facilitating this 2021 Intentions Event.

To learn more about Catherine or Shaped Reality, go to

"The Intentions Event is an opportunity for me to stop, even for a day, and break the cycle of constantly ‘doing and going’ to reground in what I really want. What I want not just for the upcoming year, but how I want that year to feed into the journey that is my life. At last year's event, I set intentions in three key areas: health, business, and continuous learning. These have been critical touchstones this year to help me set a clear direction and navigate my course. Now, as the year draws to close and I look back, I am absolutely amazed at how far I have come."
~ Rachel Burr, CEO/Founder, The Practical Sage, LLC

"This is the most juicy event for women who want to come collaborate, create and intend for their lives to unfold. It’s so powerful working with a group together creating intention. This is a necessary tool for my life! I get so much out of this event."
~ Lisa Watts Smith, Spiritual and Shamanic Healer, Shamamamma
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