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"Share" - There is always Someone who Cares

--- Motivation for this group ---

A habit which we all practice knowingly or unknowingly in our daily lives. Either we share with our family, or friends or a complete stranger or someone very special. We share emotions, moments, things, activities and pretty much everything which we love doing. Someone goes to a trek and shares their pictures with people around, someone learns a new skill like cooking and they try to make something delicious for their near & dear ones. Someone goes solo on a trip either makes friend on the go or let other solo travelers know about the experience.

It's for certain that the habit of "Sharing" is very natural to us and all the more we "love" sharing. If it is missing, we feel bit unsettled.

In this age of fast life, no doubt we are exposed to lot of things, our experiences are enriched as well but more and more people are missing out on the "engagement" part of the life. The idea of "Me" , "Myself" & "I" are somewhat overpowering the idea of "Sharing". More often than not, people struggle to find someone to share moments & experiences with. It can happen in a relationship, it can happen due to the nature of work, it can happen due to staying long-distance, or it can happen just between friends. It can happen across the age group, gender and demographics.

There is nothing or no one to blame. It's a phenomenon which needs to be tackled so that we have a better quality of life. "Sharing" is such an ingredient like "salt" which makes the food tasty or it remains bland.

--- What do we aim to achieve through this group ? ---

If you want to share something, there will be always someone who would care for it.

Be it be relationship, friendship, activities, ideas, traveling, sports, or anything we experience in our lives. Let's not aim for a perfect life, but let's aim for a life which has lots of meaning and "Sharing" is surely a habit which enables us to live that life.

--- How are we going to achieve the art of "Sharing" ? ---

Sharing is like so fundamental to life, it can be slipped into anything.
Any activities we do, or we aspire to do, or we love to do can be shared with each other.

It can be running, cycling, yoga, swimming, playing a sport, trekking, traveling, or learning how to camp in the woods, starting up an idea, sharing some concepts, cooking, road trips, getting familiarized with a new place, or just sitting and relaxing, knowing about each other or going to a concert, relishing some good foods.

You see it can be anything. It's we who decide what we want to share. Even the daily mundane work gets interesting if we have someone to share the joy of it.

--- Who should join this group ? ---

All of you, because at the core, we love sharing and it's plural in nature. It's "we" who bring constantly new things to the table. More diverse we are, better we perform as a group. We welcome you all :)

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