What we're about

This is a community for curious folk who want to learn about something new in a relaxed setting. I started this group because I'm interested in lighting talks, ted talks, and other forms of informative and active entertainment. Everyone is welcome to join, just come with an open mind and fascination for learning!

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Share to Learn is a community dedicated to informal yet informative learning. It’s a space for individuals curious about learning interesting topics in a structured yet laid back atmosphere. Share to Learn events are centered around two 20-25 minute “mini lectures” with short Q&A’s following. These topics will may be presented by hobbyists, professionals, or simply someone who has a lot of passion to share knowledge. You’ll know the lecture topics before you sign up to attend.

It’s kind of like show & tell, but for adults.


All topics must be presented as unbiased as possible. It’s not fun to learn when you feel like the educator has a hidden agenda. All topics must be presented with compassion and respect, the point of these events are to stimulate curiosity and to educate, not bring others down.

What can I expect at Share to Learn event?

These events are two hours in total.

The first 30 minutes are for registering, mingling, optional drink gathering, and an introduction Following this is a 20-25 minute presentation with a 10-15 minute Q&A

After the first presentation there is a 15 minute break

The final presentation is also 20-25 minutes with a 10-15 minute Q&A

Suggested Topics:

Explaining Blockchain, the Zero Waste movement, Cyber Bullying, the history of Communism, GMOs, the history of lighthouses, breaking down the Presidential Candidates, or literally anything that piques your interest. Don’t forget all topics must be presented in an unbiased way.


How can I participate as an attendee?

1) Find a Share to Learn you are interested in attending


2) Show up!

How can I participate as a speaker?

1) Pick a topic - This can be something you’re already familiar with but want to dive deeper into and educate individuals on. This can be something you barely know anything about but want to dedicate time to learning, researching, and educating on

2) Submit your topic here: sharetolearninfo@gmail.com

3) Wait for our response

4) We’ll let you know if we’d like to move forward with your topic - there may be some back and forth as we get clarity and help to refine the topic

5) Submit your outline/keynote (if you have one) a week before you present. This allows our review team enough time to provide feedback, make sure the content is easily digestible, and appropriate

6) Present! - On the night of your event be ready to speak for 20-25 minutes with a short 10-15 minute Q&A after.

Upcoming events (1)

First Share to Learn Event!


6:30-7pm - registering, mingling, optional drink gathering, and an introduction. 7-7:35pm - First presentation with a Q&A First Topic: "Behavioral Finance and Why we Make Irrational Choices" Details: How, why, and when rational people often make irrational decisions in finance (and life) that can lead to poor outcomes (and how to fix that!) Presenter: J. Stuart Kruse 7:35-7:45pm - 10 minute break 7:45-8:20pm - Second Presentation with a Q&A Second Topic: The Secret & Wondrous World of Household Staffing Details: Ever wondered what it's like inside the lives of the worlds' richest people? Super yachts, mega mansions, private islands, huge ranches, luxury jets? Working in the world of Household Staffing for UHNW- Ultra High Net Worth -families delivers a challenging, rewarding and never boring opportunity. From maids, nannies and butlers to CFOs, pilots and teachers, these families employ a surprisingly diverse group of occupations and usually provide above average compensation, benefits and security. Come learn about this abundant 'hidden' employment sector and the life changing careers found within. Presenter: Marc Bonsignore 8:20-8:30pm - Closing Remarks/Goodbyes How can I participate as an attendee? 1) RSVP to the event 2) Show up and be curious!

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