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We want to make sailing more affordable for skippers and crews by bringing people together to share the costs. By sharing the price of chartering a boat, we can bring the cost of an afternoon on the bay down to $20 per person or a full day on the ocean to $40-60 (or more, for a larger and/or fancier boat). This isn’t as inexpensive as having a friend who owns a boat, but it can bring sailing once or twice a month within the range of many people. In order to do this, crews need to commit to going and making their payments in advance so that the skipper can reserve the boat and lock in the cost for everybody.

Nobody is making any money from this (except the boat chartering companies); only US Coast Guard licensed captains can be paid for taking passengers. Skippers have to pay exactly as much for the boat as everyone else. Here’s how it works: Skippers qualified to charter boats (each chartering company decides whom it will approve for which boats; the Meetup group does not certify anyone) will be event organizers who can create events.

Each event description should include the full cost of chartering the boat and minimum and maximum number of people; that will tell you the range of per person costs. If an event doesn’t get enough people to keep the cost down, the skipper and crew can decide to go ahead with a higher shared cost, or get a smaller boat, or cancel. Once there are enough people going, the skipper will ask the guests to pay their share in advance of a deadline. The deadline for getting your money to the skipper will be far enough in advance so that if people decide not to go, the skipper will be able to cancel the boat reservation and refund everyone’s money. The event isn’t confirmed until the skipper has enough money in hand from the crew. If you pay and decide after the payment deadline not to go, you’ll get your money back only if the skipper can find someone else in time. This protects the skippers and crews from being out of pocket if you find something better to do at the last minute.

Who Should Join: Congenial people who like to sail with like-minded folks. People who can commit to an event with money a week or two in advance. People qualified to charter boats who want more experience, especially on larger boats than they would normally charter themselves. People who can join with their real first and last names and a real photo of themselves.

Who Should Reconsider: People who change their plans at the last minute. People not interested in paying $20-60+ for an event - This is expensive compared to many Meetup events, but compare it to a whale-watching trip, or a sail on the Californian from the Maritime Museum. And don’t even think about the cost of owning a boat! People who want to join with a screen name and a photo of something else.

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USVI are open let's go sailing

Online event

USVI here we come! The world is starting to open up to travel and we are headed to the USVI's. Come join us for a much-needed vacation in warm tropical waters, white sandy beaches, cooling breezes with loads of fun along the way.

We are traveling a new way with Covid-19 see below for travel requirements
Covid-19 travel to USVI: everyone must be tested and have uploaded the negative test result within 5 days before departure. US citizens do not need a passport. Test2FLY.org can provide testing

Any questions please email [masked]

Travel dates
April 17th-24th

We have 2 options
2018 Bali 4.0 with water maker

2018 Bali 4.3 with AC and water maker

double occupancy $2800
Single traveler $1800
Budget peak cabin $1400
Click here to make a reservation https://yachtfoot.com/reservations/

What's included
7-nights onboard
Provisions onboard breakfast, lunch (2 lunches ashore), min of 4 dinners (others ashore)
Kayak or paddleboard
Snorkeling equipment
all running expenses

The plan
April 16th
Fly red eye to St Thomas (airport code STT)

April 17-24th onboard

On the 17th we will board our catamaran and settle in. After the base briefing, we can sail away

Our overnight stop will be Magen's bay. Along the way, we will stop for snorkeling and coastline exploring. No rush are we have all week to relax.

Head over to St John with an overnight Francis Bay. We can have a lunch beach stop along the way at a local beach village.

Sail our way to Waterlemon Cay and Leinster bay, We will take our time and enjoy the clear waters with our snorkel equipment and water toys. We can have taco lunch at a floating restaurant This evening our overnight stop will be Salt Pond bay.

This is our passage day as 3 days in our sea legs are ready. It will be a short passage ending up water island we will have a few options to eat ashore for dinner.

Sail our way to St John, There we will enjoy the clear waters and social life. If you are craving pizza a floating restaurant is a fun novelty to go enjoy.

Will will make our way to Christmas Cove on Great St James. Along the way, we will be exploring the coastline, snorkeling, and enjoying the final days of our vacation.

We will take our time heading back to the Marina enjoying the views, water, sun, and fun. spending our last night at the dock.

Enjoy the morning before flights home or stay for extra days.

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Turkey week in the USVI

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