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1. Interview skills inhencement salons

2. Limited free tickets to events

This activity is for people who wants to meet new friends from other lines of work and backgrounds. You can share your own experiences and ideas. It's also for people who want to improve their presentation/speech skills, in the meantime it can help non English speaker to improve their oral English. (You have to speak some English to be qualified for this activity though.) You are allowed to share with us anything that you want, such as your experiences in life, your idea about one issue, your hobby and do on. You are not recommended to talk about things related to politics, religious, etc., neither you are recommended to sale us products/services. People from all races, nationalities are welcomed. We like diversity. This activity is free, HOWEVER, you have to buy a cup of drink at the coffee house because we are using their space. Hope you will understand this. Our activity process is as follows:1.Introduce yourself briefly. 2. Select a topic and brainstorming.

Past events (6)

2014 Golden Summary Special Event

Needs a location

Talk and Relax, Topic: Expectations

啡梵时光 Cafe Bar

Holiday 5th carnival: from normal to crazy

1st half: Winger Cafe &Bar. 2cd half: Luce Club

Join us and share your ideas!

Needs a location

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