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This group aims to promote Sharing as the key to solving our global problems and to establish the needing lasting peace in the world. Only by sharing the resources of our planet more equally, can we create trust and so justice and therefore peace. Sharing is the only option for humanity, in order to go ahead into the future. We have to change the old direction of self-destruction, of separation, greed and competition. This is the time for a new page in our history: a new brilliant civilization, which in the incoming Age of Aquarius, is waiting to be built, under the influence of the energies of Unity and Synthesis. A new civilization based on sharing, cooperation, equality and brother/sisterhood, as we recognize ourselves as part of one family – humanity – destined to live and work as an interconnected, responsible living unit. This will be the time of 'unity in diversity' and of the awakening to the purpose and meaning of life, and so the time of the transformation of ourselves, and our world. The time for love in action as we create a brilliant future though the acceptance and implementation of a simple natural principle and law of life: Sharing. 'Without Sharing there cannot be Justice; without Justice there cannot be Peace; without Peace there cannot be Future.” This is the message and the teaching for us, at this time of transition, from a great spiritual teacher, a World Teacher, the Lord Maitreya, who will help us out of the present chaos and time of crisis, and will guide us in the right direction towards our future and birthright. He is ready to inaugurate the new time of righteousness and truth at the end of Kali Yuga. Awaited by Buddhists as Maitreya Buddha, by Hindus as Krishna or Kalki Avatar, by Muslims as the Imam Mahdi, by Jews as the Messiah, and by Christians as the Christ, He is the teacher for all humanity, religious and not religious alike, who comes to teach the art of Self-realization, and to show us how to live in peace through the creation of right human relationships. He is here with His group, the Masters of Wisdom, as the elder brothers of our human family, to guide us into the New Age of Brotherhood and Peace, of Sharing and Justice, of Cooperation and Unity. Share=Justice=Peace group aims to share some information about the existence and return among us of this group of spiritual Masters, about their teachings and the relation between them/us and the transformation of our world. This information embraces the fields of life, evolution, our real nature and purpose in life, our future and destiny as divine, spiritual beings, members of our planetary and cosmic family.

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