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She Can Do is a non-profit organisation which aims to create an inclusive environment to upskill our members in crafting human-centred experiences and build a culture of knowledge-sharing and empowerment.

We host monthly meetups which focus on a specific theme relevant to the world of design, UX, and other related industries. Our event topics range from practical skills, such as usability testing and user research; to professional and personal skills, such as public speaking or leadership; to new or important ideas and trends we should all be learning about.

Each event hosts a highly skilled speaker who guides us through her experiences and expertise in the topic, followed by an interactive workshop to help our members take those learnings and start DOing.

She Can Do is part of The School of Do community .

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Portfolio Building Series: Value Proposition Research

Viga Interactive

She Can Do has found that the design industry can be quite tough for people without any real experience to get into the industry but then in turn, cannot gain experience without being given a job. With this problem in mind, we host a series where we create miniature design teams and connect them with real clients. Each event of the series, will focus on a specific design-methodology that will help attendees implement valuable solutions for their clients. Additionally, each team will be partnered with a mentor from the industry who will be available to work with the teams throughout the year, over-and-above the actual events. The aim of this series is to provide our attendees with real client work to add into their portfolios. If attendees attend all 4 events, they will receive a special letter of recommendation from She Can Do, their clients and their mentors to build into their portfolio. This year, our chosen clients and mentors are: Wits Healthcare Innovation, mentored by Sanisha Naidoo Girls Invent Tomorrow, mentored by Jennifer Hull My LILA App, mentored by Liz Spangenberg What to expect from workshop #1: All chosen clients are inspirational in the services that they provide. However, the most significant need identified across them all is that they all need to better understand the core of the service and the value they could potentially provide. Jennifer Hull will be guiding us through a value proposition workshop where she will teach us about the following: - Types of research techniques used to identify and define the value of a business -How to create a value proposition roadmap -How NPOs and Startups can use this knowledge to obtain funding and sponsorship Join us for an exciting kick-off to this series. About Jennifer: Jennifer Hull is the co-founder and CEO of Viga Interactive (PTY) Ltd. She is an expert in digital business and digital transformation with a proven track record of helping multi-national and Blue Chip companies to reduce friction, confusion and exasperation in every aspect of their customer experience by implementing design thinking. Jennifer studied Visual Communication at Open Window and has done various courses and Post-graduate diploma’s related to digital business to stay abreast of times. She is currently busy with her MBA. Although working for a few companies as Head of Design, Technical Director, Senior Digital Account Manager, Jennifer has always been an entrepreneur at heart and started her own company, Viga Interactive (PTY) Ltd with partner and now husband, Brendon Hull in 2013. At Viga, Jennifer drives the organization’s strategic growth, partnership development and oversees it’s talented and passionate staff. Their mission at Viga Interactive are to help companies improve their product or service offering by focusing on User-Centred Analysis and Design. Jennifer is also a very goal-oriented individual with lots of “chutzpa” and her tenacity has no limits. Beyond her professional work, she is an avid supporter of animal rights and is also helping animal rescue centres. Jennifer can be reached by email [masked] For the new members, some general information about us: 1. We are an organization that aims at creating a safe space and platform to support women however we are not an exclusionary space. Men are welcome and we welcome them to join us as we learn about industry standards, trends and skills. 2. As a community we try to provide for ourselves. We have a bring-and-share policy for each event. So, if you are able to, please bring along snacks and drinks to share.

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Speed Dating in the UX Industry


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