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What we’re about

(1) What is sheCodesNow all about?
We empower women who want to join Tech and/or advance their current Tech career by hosting FREE group mentorship, programming classes, and Open Source contribution workshops. Whether you want to get into Tech or advance in your current Tech career, this community is for you! Lastly, we guarantee that anyone from any education level will always be welcome.

(2) Is it ever "too late" to learn how to code or get into Tech?
Well...we firmly believe that it's never too late to move to a career in Tech!  If you have the passion to learn solid fundamentals and to keep practicing, you can most certainly learn how to code in diverse languages. But even if you only want to code a little and still join Tech, you can do it!  
So what are you waiting for? The time to start coding is now. :)

(3) Want to volunteer?
For questions about upcoming coding workshops or if you'd like to volunteer to help teach a workshop, please email

(4) Check out all our class materials for free in our GitHub account!
All our materials are open source and can be read/studied for free at