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Hi, we are a tribe of women who understand that life is a journey. We are in various phases of "flying the coop" and leaving our comfort zone to pursue our dreams and goals. Some of us have already leaped, others are thinking about it and some of us just want to connect and support other women who've done so. Together we are stronger.

We share our unique stories and the lessons we've learned from quitting our 9-5, starting a business, moving across the country, traveling, self-discovery or leaving a broken relationship, etc. ...because we want to inspire each other and learn new tools for our own journey. Join US!

This group was started by Sarah Batista, a former TV reporter who took a leap to launch her own film production company, Stories to Inspire. "She Flew the Coop" is also the title of her independent documentary which gives a behind the scenes look of her journey and the amazing women she meets along the way. The film is set to release in 2019.



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SUPPORT: Share & Connect Meeting: Topic 2 ("Stillness")

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

SUPPORT: We're meeting this month to talk about "Stillness." Over the years, I had to learn what this meant (sometimes the hard way). Stillness is key in the journey to flying the coop, because it helps us eliminate distractions. How can you hear your inner voice if you are always running from one thing to the next? But, Stillness doesn't mean STOPPED. Let's dig in deep and explore why this is important in the journey. Be ready to share your own experiences and learn how to be still! Dictionary definition: the absence of movement or sound. More information to come! Please bring notebooks, pad, journals, binders or whatever you may need. As always, we like to incorporate an element of surprise, so come ready to be transparent and vulnerable. Please arrive early (6:30pm) if you plan to order food. Members: FREE NON-Members: $8 cash or Venmo

REACH OUT: Dress for Success Volunteer Opportunity

Dress For Success Charlotte

REACH OUT: This year, our R.I.S.E pillars incorporate opportunities to Reach out to the community. Join us for fellowship, fun and an opportunity to get involved with a great organization that helps women get career-ready. This is also an opportunity to grow, build your own self-esteem and offer your time, talent and resources. Check with your employer to see if this falls under their paid volunteer opportunities. Many companies allow a certain number of paid volunteer hours a month. You can drop in between 1:30pm- 4:30pm. ONLY 10 VOLUNTEER SLOTS AVAILABLE. ONLY RSVP IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN ATTEND. WHAT WE'LL DO: * Volunteers will be working in the Dress for Success Operations Center sorting, purging and organizing clothing donations and other items for the various programs and the inventory reduction event. • Inventory Reduction Event: Dress for Success holds three Inventory Reduction Events each year (March, August, November) to help move surplus inventory and assist its clients in extending their wardrobes at affordable prices - most items are between $1 - $5 and 100% of proceeds support programs and services. It’s a fun, friendly shopping event and empowering for guests to know they are supporting other women by participating. Volunteers will greet and welcome clients and guests, assist with inventory selection, organize and maintain space throughout the event, and assist with check-out. FOR MORE INFO VISIT: CHARLOTTE.DRESSFORSUCCESS.ORG ***LET'S REACH OUT AND GIVE BACK**** Are you interested in organizing/leading a REACH OUT event for the She Flew the Coop community? Email me: [masked] with your idea and plan.

EDUCATE: BECOMING HER: Soar with your Strengths workshop

****please do not RSVP on meetup until after you have registered**** REGISTRATION LINK: https://becomingher2019.eventbrite.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BECOMING HER: Soar with your Strengths Presented by She Flew the Coop in Partnership with StrengthenHER Do you know what you're good at? What if there was a test that could help you identify your unique talents and show you exactly how to use them? What if that knowledge changed your trajectory and helped you lead a more fulfilling life, business, career and/or relationship? What if you learned WHY you chose the wrong career, relationship, etc OR confirmed you're on the right track! They say knowledge is power, but being truly self-aware is the ultimate power and can lead you directly to your purpose. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ALL ABOUT YOU! JOIN US FOR A TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE! The Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment will list your TOP FIVE STRENGTHS. (Must purchase and take the test separately before the workshop if you do not already know your top five strengths. See eventbrite for the $19.99 assessment. Must bring your test results to the workshop.) But what happens after the test? Strengths-based Human Potential Coach Bianca Capo, comes in. She created StrengthenHER™, a program to help women discover and grow their talents to strengths to self-actualize and purposefully lead, work, and live. By using a combination of her own talents, coaching experience and intensive training - Bianca will break down exactly how to best use your innate talent. Bianca brings decades of expertise and we're excited to partner with Capo Integrated Strengths, her Leadership and well-being company, on this workshop specifically tailored for THE SHE FLEW THE COOP COMMUNITY. In this interactive workshop, you'll learn: * Confirm your individual talents and what they mean * How to apply and strengthen those talents in your professional and personal relationships * What each of your talents need to make you feel fulfilled (YES! There is actually a formula to this!) * How you’ve been in OVERUSE of your talents for most of your life and how they’ve sabotaged you * How to self-lead with your talents to create the life you want and soar * How to release the patterns that hold you back and keep you in fear of flying the coop. COST: SFTC MEMBER EARLY BIRD : $75.00 SFTC MEMBER REGULAR : $85.00 SFTC NON-MEMBER : $100 Hear examples and stories of how other women are killin' it by applying their individual talents! Here's a personal story from me: "I met Bianca just a few months after She Flew the Coop from her career as a financial advisor to become a strengths coach. After taking the Strengths Assessment, I learned what my top five talents were. Suddenly, I was awakened to a new sense of self-awareness. I could understand clearly why I chose the journalism field and why I am so passionate about building the She Flew the Coop community. My strengths set me up perfectly to work in those areas. I also learned how to avoid overusing those strengths, and being aware of my "blindspots." Working with Bianca has truly been life-changing for me! I feel confident in who I am and what I have to offer. See you there! Sarah Batista, Founder, She Flew the Coop ABOUT BIANCA CAPO & STRENGTHEN HER: StrengthenHER is part of the Capo Integrated Strengths Companies specializing in equipping leaders engaged in their self-development. We believe all women are leaders and it is up to them to step into their power through self-leadership. We bring the most effective, science-based, proven self-leadership programs to women leaders. This three-hour experiential learning process equips women that are committed to becoming their highest self with the "how" to elevate self-leadership. Our goal is to equip you to boldly lead and live with purpose.

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SUPPORT: Share & Connect meeting: Topic 1 ("The Stirring")

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille


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