What we're about

SheSharp is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam. We make it easier for all women and gender non-conforming people to enter, stay, and grow in the tech industry.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for under-represented individuals to share their passions, learnings, stories, projects, or challenges they overcame.

At each of our events, we focus on one specific topic.
Such topics could be strictly Tech / Engineering related, for example:
- Data science, big data, analytics
- Cloud computing (scalability, reliability) - Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Testing / QA
- DevOps / CI/CD
- Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies  
- Frontend development, frameworks- And more, open to suggestions!
But we also cover wider topics such as:
- Agile
- Improve collaboration & teamwork - Leadership
- Mentorship
- Public speaking
- Mental health
- And more, open to suggestions!

Our event formats may vary and can be a series of two or three public talks, a panel, an interview, or a (coding) workshop. 
Are you interested in talking at one of our events? Submit your talk proposal!
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By speaking, hosting, or attending our events, you agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

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October Coworking Meetup

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SheSharp Community Coworking Meetup

Want to change the scenery of your work from home routine, and meet other women & non-binary in tech? Then we'd love to welcome you to kick-off your Friday morning together with the SheSharp community for a casual co-working session at Cafe Belcampo!

You are free to work on your own pace, or you can join us for the pomodoro technique, where one pomodoro consist of 25-min work and 5-min break for up to 4 rounds. During the break, our Director of Events, Jeanet - who is a certified Yin Yoga teacher, will teach you some nice and easy Desk Yoga that can practice at any time any place you work :)

We'll be meeting at 09:30 at Cafe Belcampo upstairs by the big tables, located in De Hallen on 28 October.

Optional: lunch break together at 12:30 and continue to work afterwards

See you then 👋


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Building inclusive technology for a diverse society

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