What we're about

SheSharp is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam that fosters diversity and inclusion in technology and entrepreneurship, by providing an open and safe community for under-represented demographics to explore their interests and potential.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for under-represented individuals to share their passions, learnings, stories, projects, or challenges they overcame.

At each of our events, we focus on one specific topic.
Such topics could be strictly Tech / Engineering related, for example:

- Data science, big data, analytics
- Cloud computing (scalability, reliability)
- Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Testing / QA
- DevOps / CI/CD
- Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies
- Frontend development, frameworks
- And more, open to suggestions!

But we also cover wider topics such as:

- Agile
- Improve collaboration & teamwork
- Leadership
- Mentorship
- Public speaking
- Mental health
- And more, open to suggestions!

Our event formats may vary and can be a series of two or three public talks, a panel, an interview, or a (coding) workshop.

Are you interested in talking at one of our events? Submit your talk proposal! (https://www.shesharp.co/call-for-papers/)

Are you interested in hosting a SheSharp event at your company? Get in touch! (https://www.shesharp.co/host-a-shesharp-event/)

By speaking, hosting, or attending our events, you agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct (https://www.shesharp.co/code-of-conduct/).

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HerStory with Aminka Belvitt: "My path to becoming a founder of a tech company."

Aminka Belvitt is an international speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and a senior strategy consultant. Recently, she was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Canadian Consulate General, in New York City. Aminka designs innovative solutions for organizations, companies, and governments to create more equitable systems for underprivileged populations. Her work focuses on diversity & inclusion training, sustainable community consultations, digital transformations and the advancement of women in leadership strategy development & implementation. During this edition of HerStory, we will speak with Aminka about her unconventional journey into entrepreneurship. We'll hear from Aminka on how she started her own tech startup while balancing running a diversity organization, the challenges she overcame and much more. --------- How can I join the event? The event will take place online, on the platform Wofemtech. The platform is free to use as attendee, no registration needed, no proprietary app download required. You just need to click on the link below when the event starts. Truly inclusive! Join the event via this link: https://meeting.wofemtech.com/b/ama-xdx-8cl

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