What we're about

Let's break down the barriers and show that Sheboygan is a tech hub!

Who Should Join?

Anyone interested in software development should join us, and perhaps we can spin off other groups based on feedback. No JavaScript experience is necessary; different meetings will be aimed at different skill and experience levels, and you can pick and choose which meetings to go to.

What Types of Events Do We Have?

At our events we will discuss trending topics in development primarily focused on JavaScript. We are meeting soon to discuss areas of focus, but in general we will have various types of events such as:

• “intro to” classes and workshops on various things in the JavaScript world (Node, React, React Native, Electron, TypeScript, etc., but also more specific things like “how to build drag-n-drop”)

• member demos of projects they have built or are building

• area companies showcasing web dev projects and teams

• speakers from the industry

• general social gatherings

• hackathons

• sharing job opportunities / networking

What is the Format of Meetings?

The format for now is primarily virtual (video calls / webinar), so you should have a webcam and decent internet. When gatherings are allowed and safe in Sheboygan, there will be more in-person events with food and drink provided.

Upcoming events (1)

Tech Horror Stories!

Needs a location

Since it is that time of year, let's talk about some technology horror stories aka outages, data leaks, attacks on software! Bring some of your own horror stories from your employer too!

I also wanted to use some time to call out for speakers for future events, we have a lot of ideas if you want to start speaking :)

I will add zoom link once we get closer.

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Easily Consume an API in TypeScript

Online event

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