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TENDING THE FIRE...A women's 9 week expressive arts & sacred circle
JOIN OTHER SISTERS AS WE TEND TO OUR INNER FIRE! An inspiring journey of deep nourishment, renewal, practice, soul, ceremony and the creative spirit in all of us. Fall into Winter series starting soon! The theme this Winter is INTIMATE INTERIORITY & STILLNESS Contact me directly to reserve your spot ... (Only 9 spaces) So many times as healers, change agents, moms, and/or caring professionals we are nourishing everyone else but ourselves and/or leaving ourselves last. Would you like to feel more nourished? Are you missing having a practice or outlet for your inner and/or creative life? Are you over giving and over doing and needing a space for you? Would you like to feel held and supported while you are going through an important transition, opening, growth, etc? Please call asap at[masked]. 50 if you wish to attend! or write an email to [masked] In this group we will focus on the place inside that allows for the creative voice of renewal and being to have it's full and authentic expression. It will be a small intimate group of max of 9 women and you will be held in whichever your specific intention of transformation and healing is. This group can also be a helpful support in times of transition. This series is for women who are ready to dive deep within, transform and nourish through the language of metaphor, symbol, body, breath and BEING. An inspiring journey of deep nourishment, renewal, practice, soul, ceremony and the creative spirit. We will have plenty of space to move, paint, create, share and sit in circle. We will gather 9 evenings, using the power of altar creation, intention/prayer, breath and movement exercises, painting and sitting in circle with other sisters. Women may add Holotropic Breathwork or an astrology reading for a discounted extra charge if you would like to deepen their experience in the circle. Both of these practice can support the exploration and provide a deepening and a release of what women are working with during the Tending the Fire series. You do not need to be an artist to participate in this group! All materials are included in the cost of group. EVENINGS 7:00 PM TO 9:45 PM (doors open 6:45 pm) LOCATION: OAKLAND Session Dates, you can miss 2 of the 9 sessions : (First and last sessions Oakland hills) FOR MORE INFORMATION. INTAKE CALL & REGISTRATION: CALL MIREYA AT[masked] OR EMAIL, [masked] / WOMEN NEED TO COMMIT TO ATTENDING 7 OF THE 9 CIRCLES (Payment required for all circles, including missed ones) COST OF Tending the Fire (9 sessions): $635 if paid ($70 per session) All materials included If you need to pay per session, session is $75.

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This group has two goals: Have a place for women who are drawn to sitting in circle with other women and / or women looking to participate in women only groups for spiritual growth, self exploration and transformation.

Women have come together in ritual, healing and celebration for millennia. I deeply trust the healing power that occurs when we gather as women and share our stories. As well as when we engage in processes of deep transformation together. Some of the ways I offer this to the community in my work is through: women's circles, expressive arts groups, Holotropic Breathwork as well as retreats and other events

Some of our meet ups are closed circles for those who enroll in the full nine week process (you can miss two of the 9 weeks). If this is not what you are looking for this time, we will keep you informed of other future women's events. we do have sometimes new and full open and free circles for women to get a taste of this work.

My intention in my groups is to create a sacred and supportive space for women to dive deep within, and find new places of opening, expression and resting in the integration of all of who they are.

In the circle, Mujeres, Altares y Milagritos we will explore the lineage of the women that came before us as the core inquiry:

What were the messages and stories we received from them?

How have they informed and formed who we are ?

What are places of release and which of honoring ?

How do we integrate these messages so they enrich our live story ?

What is your own unique voice and story ?

In this group we will use of the expressive arts, circling with other women, altar and ritual, as powerful exploratory, empowering and integrative tools.

These groups are for women who are looking to find a supportive and inspiring space with other women, with the purpose of deep transformation, playfulness and a sacred space that will hold the various colors of the inner process. As well as produce lasting insights, change and growth in their lives.

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