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Are you a crustation connoisseur? Do you love butter, cocktail sauce, or just the pure-unadultrated taste of the ocean? Does the thought of mucking around in the mud and salt water excite you as if you're a 6 year old on Christmas Day? Or the thought of pulling up a crab or shrimp pot full of the ocean's bounty make you think working is over rated? If any of these things even slightly sounds familiar to you, then you've found your therapy group. Because all of this is the way Jennifer and I feel about the wonderful bounties our west coast waters offer us just for our taking. It doesn't matter if you like going out and harvesting yourself or if you prefer the more civilized and amazing markets and restaurants found everywhere across Washington and coastlines to the north and south.

We are going on a quest to not only acquire, prepare, and taste the shellfish that surrounds us, but ultimately to document objective taste testing of the many individual micro-shellfish locations and how to harvest, prepare, and enjoy the amazing morsels. We not only want to camp and explore places, but to give insight and even some of the science and research behind our quests. We also hope to eventually set up tours and excursions to places in the crustation industry and maybe even restaurants and chefs.

In our extensive experiences, we've already found considerable differences in oysters collected just a few miles apart. We've gone clamming, oystering, and crabbing in many different places. We hope to bring people together with their experiences and hopefully get together on new trips to put together the ultimate guide(s) on restaurants, markets, and locations to harvest your own. We have no preconceived idea on how this will happen or unfold. Its a quest. A journey. Want to come along?

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