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What do you want to be known for? What do you want people to say about you when you are not in the room? Are you confidently and consistently projecting your true, authentic self to the world?

An inability or a reluctance to promote ourselves is routinely cited as one of the major pitfalls for the advancement of women in business. Whereas all of the research on women and career advancement suggests that consciously crafting and confidently communicating an authentic personal brand helps professional women stand out amongst their peers, earn greater respect and admiration, and become more successful in achieving their career aspirations.

Personal branding, the mindful way, is about matching your inner self with your outer projection, and taking control of how you are showing up every moment. Taking ownership of your personal brand is an important first step in shaping how you are perceived as a leader and lays a strong foundation for ongoing career and business advancement. In this workshop, we will guide the process of identifying, building, and articulating a personal brand that helps professional women confidently communicate their authentic value proposition.

Outcomes for the Workshop:

1. Research and best practices on personal branding for women leaders
2. Discover mindfulness as a foundation for building a strong and authentic personal brand
3. Communicate your brand in a way that increases your visibility, power and influence
Use your Brand to achieve greater personal and business success

***This in an exclusive event with limited seats, for senior women leaders and decision makers. if interested, please RSVP to divya@shenomics.com and let us know why would like to attend this event.***

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