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Dungeon Delving: November D&D
PLEASE READ: If you're interested in running an additional D&D one shot on this day, let me know! We're always looking for additional Dungeon Masters. DUNGEON DELVING: Monthly one shots that start as the heroes enter the "dungeon" (or location, etc.) and end when you obtain your goal or fulfill your quest. A good place to start for beginners. We'll be playing Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition. Players will receive pre-made character sheets with stats, and character backgrounds will be brainstormed as a group. Dice will be provided if needed. No prior experience with Dungeons and Dragons is needed. • What to bring Bring dice if you have them, or the 5th edition player's manual if you can. Otherwise, just bring yourself. • Important to know


627 5th Ave, · Brooklyn, NY