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Shift/Enter exists to provide educational and career development resources, in a welcoming and inclusive environment, for the burgeoning technical workforce in Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

We provide workshops and mentorship opportunities to help you succeed in your technology (or tech-adjacent) career.

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Better Engineers through Hobbies

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Technical concepts can be abstract. Being able to think through coding problems with real-world analogies can help make them concrete enough to solve and explain to other humans. Storytime with Engineering Manager and Shift/Enter co-founder, Courtney Christensen.

A Gentle Introduction to Effect-oriented Programming in Scala

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Functional programming is hot these days, but it's not always clear what we mean by "functional" and why we should care. This talk will get acquainted with pure functional effects and show how they can help us solve practical software engineering problems with speaker Dan Harris.

Dan Harris is a Senior Scala Engineer at Ziverge, an OSS contributor, and a 15-year veteran trying to make computers do useful things.

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AWS Cloudformation: One Way to Stage Multiple Environments

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