What we're about

Our group is for those who seek to enhance their lives and lifestyles by incorporating all aspects of wellbeing; This meetup will offer a variety of wellness classes that include but aren't limited to guided meditation classes for all levels, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP intro & advanced) classes, Time Line Therapy®, Nutritional therapy sessions, heavenly sound bath evenings, self-hypnosis and Group Hypnosis classes for empowerment and transformation, exciting mini- Transformational workshops, joyous and lovely gatherings, fun movie screenings and much much more. Join us if you feel the call! This is a sign. ;)

Participating in some or any of these gatherings may include and are not limited to positive side effects such as:

- The feeling of unexplainable joy

- Incredible inner peace

- Release of stress and anxiety

- A heightened state of awareness

- Feeling whole and complete

- Feeling of Love

- connection to the Higher Self

- Healing of traumas, phobias

- Experience of Past life Regression

- Finding your Life Purpose

- Finding a way to easily overcome obstacles

- Suddenly finding solutions to challenges

- and much much more...

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Upgrade Your Energy Body

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Online, LIVE meditation for the Soul series

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Online, LIVE meditation for the Soul series

Needs a location

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