What we're about

This is a group for people who are tired of being run by their limiting beliefs and who want to live a more loving, free, joyful and prosperous fulfilling life.

They know there is more to life. They know they are here to help themselves and the planet evolve and awaken but aren't quite sure how to go about it. Most group members are like-minded in that they want to free themselves from the stories from their past, the family and cultural "truths", the things they have been taught in school by teachers and other authority figures, by their church or their culture of origin, by the press and the opinions of friends that have kept them trapped in feeling "not good enough".

This Meetup is an on-going guided conversation with some energetic healing and other goodies to help everyone with the transformation they need to fulfill their dreams and visions. The goal is to create a loving circle where the wisdom and experience of everyone is honored as an expression of the Divine discovering Herself.

The still, small voice within or the intuition that says," There is more. You are unlimited. Everything is possible. You are loved and you are perfect just as you are."

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