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Fun outside my comfort zone? Hmmmm
Can we still feel comfortable outside our comfort zones? Have we become too comfortable in what spirituality means to us so that our experience becomes limited to what is acceptable bearable and within our “comfort zone”? What is the role of a comfort zone? Is it the same as intuition? Is it borne of body consciousness or spirit consciousness or mind for that matter? We meet after a long break due to my trip to Shirdi to celebrate Sai’s centennial of his shedding of the mortal coil. There are acceptable etiquettes in relationships and society; are these comfort zones? What about self sacrifice? Self indulgence? Come meet again same time same place for a little feedback through the mirror in the other person to assist us expose our awareness of self.

Chai With Sai Satsang

Huxley Gardens NW10 7DX · London

What we're about

Open minded individuals committed to self exploration, self realisation and raising our consciousness together as a collective through group energy.

Bringing primary experience that is directly ours and authentic. Releasing through group discussion any preconceptions about religion and spirituality. Moving away from being controlled into fearless state of being.

We hold weekly satsangs every Thursday at 630pm onwards. Schedule as follows:

630pm Dhoop Arati
700pm Light Dinner
730pm Tune In
735pm Chant Hanuman Chalisa
745pm SSSC (Shirdi Sai SatCharitra Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba) Reading and Discussions
930pm Meditation
945pm Game of Leela with Divinations
1000pm Tune Out

Aum Sai Ram Folks

What do these three syllables strung together into a salutation translate as?

Aum - That which is unknown wishes to be known through the power of illusion; the state of pure consciousness realising itself through manifestation using the dynamic energy of creative force of the divine feminine; the beginning of creation through to destruction and preservation.

Sai - a sense of relief when we find and awaken the teacher within; the very manifestation of the Holy Spirit within us realised.

Ram - just like the ram is earth bound, and the first two letter “ra” resounding with the energy of the sun ☀️, and the “m” to maintain that, similar to the King Ram borne of the sun dynasty; the energy here is of living on earth now; the preserving, the being now.

Strung together, it is the sum totality of our infinity.

We meet weekly with a common devotion to self awareness infinitely. We use the forum of Satsang which denotes the coming together of all the parts of the sum in absolute truth. Within it is a commitment to the truth; and truly living for each other. A comparison is when you perform any exercise or anything that strains one part of your body, you will notice another part sympathises and helps that part.

In the context of our common aim of consciously expanding our consciousness and awareness of who we are, why we are and what’s the point, we meet weekly where we can be there for each other as we extend this in our daily lives. To live for each other requires self awareness and self sacrifice. One puts the needs of others before their own. One lives in the light of us together as an evolving collective.

The Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, is neutral and without religious bias thus making it the perfect medium to eke is on our journey together. Turning a page at random always brings forth meaning to whatever topic we discuss and whatever questions we may have within.

The format of our Satsang is as follows:

630pm: Evening Arati (concentrated and purposeful prayer sung collectively)

7pm: Light Prasad (consecrated food - it is purified with our thoughts and offering of the sense of ownership to the food back to Mother Earth and the elements)

730pm: Tune In

735pm: Hanuman Chalisa (the forty verses describing the victory of faith devotion and absolute surrender to your infinity)

745pm: Reading of the Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba and Discussions (this was chosen as it’s most neutral, without dogma or religious bias)

9pm: Meditations

930pm: Game of Leela (divine sport), with Divination Cards

10pm: Tune Out

You will receive emails each week notifying you of the Chai with Sai Satsangs and a second email surmising these.

Kindly send me a confirmation of your attendance just as you still receive weekly invitations.

Meanwhile, we aim to expand our meetings to pave the way for more expanding and reconnecting with our family. We are re-membering our soul connections and then to anchor these.

Set your alarms clocks to wake up, stay awake, and live with open eyes wide mouthed open ears and all aware, connected, conscious and conscientious.

Aum Sai Ram


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