What we're about

Do you like to play basketball? Are you terrible at basketball? Have you never heard of basketball, but enjoy the company of others who may or may not intermittently launch projectiles at their faces? THEN THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!

Do you ever look around at all of the basketball courts just sitting there, completely free to use, and wish that you, too, could join in the fun? How easy it would be to walk to the park and "shoot a few hoops," as it were! How nice it would be to get an all-around HIIT workout in without feeling like you're working out! How many of your tax dollars are going to this public amenity you are not using at all! But, alas, the only people on the courts seem to have been there for a lifetime, bouncing back and forth between baskets with a speed second only to that with which they bounce the ball itself. (I believe this is called "dribbling.") THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE, MY FRIENDS! This group is for people who are shitty at basketball but who want to play anyway. THIS IS OUR TIME! NO LONGER WILL WE SIT ON THE SIDELINES, WISHING WE WERE NOT COMPLETELY INEPT. NO LONGER WILL WE STARE LONGINGLY THROUGH CHAIN-LINK FENCES, IMAGINING A DIFFERENT LIFE. NO LONGER WILL WE DEPRIVE OURSELVES OF CAMARADERIE AND THE SATISFYING DING-ADJACENT SOUND OF RUBBER ON ASPHALT!

Basically we'll just meet up at parks and approximate playing basketball as closely as we can. Open to all sexes/genders AS LONG AS YOU ARE SHITTY AT BASKETBALL. NO ROCKETING SPHERES AT MY CHEST EXPECTING ME TO SOMEHOW CATCH THEM!!!

Share your location/time preferences via this Google poll (https://forms.gle/XtEdYePg15sL6jcF9).

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