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We have decided to start a shoe making group to share the art, craft, and experience of hand made leather shoes. The purpose of the group is to share shoe making traditions and to create hand made shoes. Those who want to create useful, beautiful shoes that help connect us to the earth, and tread lightly shall join.

My name is Pete Julienne I am the Dir. of Sales and Marketing for Nomad Footwear. I wanted to keep this Shoemaking meet-up open. Anna did a great job starting this group and we will keep the theme as organic as possible. This is a lost art and all the great Master Artisans have passed on and taken with them this incredible art.

It is through bits and pieces and knowledge of our experience and desire that will continue this craft. I hand make shoes purely as a hobby. I am not a professional in this area I am a complete novice. I am very knowledgeable in the Wholesale / Manufacturing and Retail side of the shoe business. There are a lot of talented people in this group and we can learn from each other. I am in constant learning mode of trial and error. We will be having little clinics and things and all suggestions are welcomed.

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