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Hi! We are excited you are creeping our page and really hope you decide to come to a bunch of our meetups. There are a few things you should know before you jump in:

First, we are here to make friends. Already, we have met so many cool people from the meetup and want to keep expanding our social world.

Second, this is not Facebook. In fact, we are trying to avoid that social networking stigma of living a virtual life. So, if you join ShootCrew, please try and show up to one meetup/event per month. So far everyone in the group comments on how relaxed and fun everyone is. We don't care if you're a professional or a student.. just come to have fun and bring your fun attitude with you.

Third, we want you all to take amazing photos. And by amazing, I don't mean being the best photographer in the world... there is no such thing. Art is subjective, but there is a certain quality and talent level that is appealing to the masses of people. You will see a lot of this "great photography" in magazines etc. The reason is simple...we know what people want when they pay money to have it. This is our focus. Helping you produce commercial grade imagery and fine art. Sure, family portraits and weddings are fun... and, actually offer your best chance at making some money.. but, keep in mind there are gazillions of emerging "photographers" every day. How will you set yourself apart and capture market share?? We will show you how.

As for me, Brandon, I am the founding organizer. You can check out my portfolio site at http://www.brandonlewisphoto.com . I have been snapping pics and worked as a creative director for several years. I tend to concentrate on fashion editorial and advertising, but over the many years have covered landscape, sports, wedding, portrait etc. My main site is http://www.brandonlewiscreative.com

Chloe, our co-organizer, is a full time blogger and graphics/web designer and creative artist. She has a successful online business and blog where she works from home as a new mommy generating a full time income. You can read more about Chloe at her website www.hellotheredesign.com (http://hellotheredesign.com/)

Rebecca, our assistant organizer, is a full time commercial photographer. She is a talented photojournalist style shooter and makes her living shooting imagery for travel type magazines. See more of Rebecca at http://www.rebeccastumpf.com

One of the several perks of being in the group is having access to shooting and production in my home studio. It's a wonderland for the photo/art geek with full production equipment from photo/video shooting capture, edit, large format printing, to commercial mount and frame equipment. The biggest perk however is growth. In this group you should grow socially and artistically... but you gotta show up for that to happen.

Enjoy our theme song and video : )


Hope to see you soon!

Brandon, Chloe, Rebecca, and ShootCrew Team

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Critique photos each month
Needs a date and time

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Further to the discussion I had with a few of you last week, I wonder if there'd be interest in having a little bit of our beer drinking time spent to each critiquing one photo from each member. I don't have to rehash the reasons for why flickr and 500px aren't good places to get constructive feedback. So if there's interest in trying to do something like this, then we'd need to figure out what sort of format it would take. I'd propose that we have some very vague guideline for each week - something like "angles" or "dreams" - that'd be open enough for any reasonable interpretation. I'd also prefer that we at least try to shoot something new for each session - I know it wouldn't do me any harm to have some pressure to produce new photography on a regular basis. Keeping each person to one photo would mean we could spend a few minutes talking about each person's work and allow anyone in the group that wanted to provide feedback that opportunity without it taking the whole night. Then keeping the whole thing offline gives us a bit more freedom to experiment with stuff without it being tied to whatever other portfolios we might have. Thoughts? We could just leave it completely open each week but that might tough.

Master the Portrait... Ya'll: Intermediate/Advanced
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Planning for first two week in June. Will be shooting at Sokul Studio in Denver (Very swanky place). Models, food, music, and fun. Bring your own alcoholic beverage of choice. Pre registration required to book studio space. Yea it cost a little swag but shit isn't free in this world. We keep it cheap at possible. But you'll walk out of here with some skills... promise. See my studio work: www.brandonlewisphoto.com

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Shoot and Camp! Great Sand Dunes National Park

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