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What we’re about


All sorts of shooting!

Trap and Skeet shooting with shotguns, defensive pistol shooting, rifle marksmanship qualification, and all kinds of target shooting!

The Southern Connecticut Shooting Meetup Group brings together local people interested in all levels of recreational and personal protection shooting, for the exchange of information about firearms, shooting sports, and home and personal defense.

Whether your passion is Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle or even black powder Muzzle-loading Rifle or Pistol we will have events for you! Maybe you're a long-time Trap Shooter who would like to get a pistol permit and learn defensive pistol techniques. Perhaps you're a Rifle Marksman who would like to learn to shoot Trap. Whatever your situation, you will find like minded shooters!

Our major topics include continuing education and advancement, skills development, and firearms comparison.

We welcome all Shooters, from beginning pistol shooters looking to get their permit, to weekend sport shooters, to those wishing to become more advanced marksmen, to very experienced Distinguished Experts.

Come, join us, and meet and socialize with other avid shooters, while enhancing your skills and broadening your shooting horizons!