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Our purpose is to have frequent, casual, energetic hiking events that fit easily into busy lives. Many of our hikes range from 5 to 10 km within 1.5 to 2 hours, so our pace is generally pretty quick. We stick (mostly) to established, well-groomed trails so we can keep the pace lively. We climb and descend hills because it's fun. We breathe hard and sweat profusely because we're having a good time.

There will usually be a few hikes per week, somewhere between Rouge Park in Scarborough, Greenwood in Ajax, and East Duffins Headwaters in Uxbridge. We'll often have weekend hikes that are a little longer (sometimes MUCH longer), and sometimes travel much further if there's an adventure to be had.

We'll usually put a limit on the number of hikers that can attend any event. The actual limit is completely up to the event host. Please respect the limit and only attend a hike if you are confirmed on the RSVP list.

There is one exception to the event limit rule: anyone with a group title of FAST is allowed to attend a hike even if they're on the wait list. That's a reward for being an active member. It currently takes *20* hikes with this group to be awarded the FAST title. You may even be granted a trail name, too!

That's about it! If you have questions, want to suggest a hike, or volunteer to be an event host, contact somebody in the leadership team.

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." - John Muir

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1:00 pm Glen Rouge 5k hike - Sunday afternoon

Glenn Rouge

If you have not seen and fully read the latest group rules (due to Covid), please refer to this post below. It will fill in a lot of details to avoid further explanation here. https://www.meetup.com/Short-Fast-Hikes-Scarborough-Pickering-Ajax/events/271550448/ Hiking distance is 5km going at a medium pace. There are a few steep inclines and declines and a ski hill to climb. We will stay together and adjust speed as required. There are ticks at the Rouge so you may want to wear long pants. Bring 1L of water, hiking shoes/boots and poles is desired. Mosquitoes are out, so bug spray is recommended. We ask that you carry a face mask with you. We will be hiking in single file and maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart. Parking lot could be busy. There is extra parking across the street if required. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please show up 15 minutes early as we will be leaving at 1:00 pm sharp In addition if you are on the waitlist and no longer can go if a spot becomes available, like the going list, please remove your name from the waitlist

Glen Major Forest (Aggregate Pit Parking) Monday July 6 (1:00PM Start)

Please note: This hike will start at the WEST entrance to the area and will be subject to the new SFH guidelines and in compliance with provincial regulations in regard to the Covid pandemic. If you have not read the new guidelines please click on the following link for clarification: https://www.meetup.com/Short-Fast-Hikes-Scarborough-Pickering-Ajax/events/271550448/ Early afternoon hike through the scenic trails of Glen Major forest. Expect to hike 8 - 10 km in approximately 2 hours but neither distance nor time is written in stone. This will be a rather challenging route (especially if the weather is hot and humid) with many hills and valleys and rugged terrain so please come prepared with sturdy hiking shoes, appropriate hiking clothing (light coloured light weight synthetics work well) and plenty of fluids for hydration. Also recommended: hat, sunscreen, bug repellant and food for snacks if you feel you may need them. Each hiker must provide their own, because sharing those items is not allowed. These are not normal circumstances for our group, but still it's great to get out on the trails again. So let's get out there for some fun exercise in the lovely natural surroundings. See you on the trails.

Short Fast Hikes Reopening

Twyn Rivers Drive

With the province beginning to relax restrictions, we've decided to tentatively begin running hikes again. However, there will be a few changes for the near future. --- As per provincial guidelines, each event will be limited to a maximum of 10 people. This is a maximum, some hikes may have a lower limit. If you can't make it to a hike, please remove yourself from the Going list as soon as possible so that someone on the Waitlist has a chance. While we haven't been very concerned about no-shows in the past, due to the low number of spots for each hike we are going to have to be stricter about this until we can get back to normal. For similar reasons, if you're not on the Going list please do not just show up at the trailhead. You won't be allowed on the hike. --- While on the hike, it is important that everyone stays at least 2m apart at all times. This will be difficult to do since the natural inclination is to get closer to talk to eachother while walking, but please try to be aware of spacing. If you're hiking with someone from the same household, then you can be within 2m of eachother but not other hikers. If this applies to you, then when you arrive please let the hike leader know so that they don't get concerned about the lack of spacing. --- While we have allowed leashed dogs on some hikes in the past, for now we are going to have to ask that you leave any pets at home. Please carry a mask with you while you hike. It may not be necessary to wear it during the hike, but we'd prefer you have one with you in case of emergency. As always, the health and safety of all participants is our highest priority. However, due to the pandemic there is no way for any activity to be 100% safe. By attending a hike you acknowledge that you understand that Covid brings additional risks, and managing those risks is your own responsibility. Be safe. Have fun. Work up a sweat. Enjoy nature. --- "I'm not falling behind the group because I'm out of shape, I'm social distancing!" - G

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Brock Tract, East Duffins Headwaters Saturday July 4 (1:00PM Start)

East Duffins Headwaters, Brock Tract Trailhead

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