What we're about

The idea for this meetup comes from my experiences as a dad of a 3 year old watching him and other kids and reminiscing what they are really missing in the digital world surrounded by screens of various types. My belief is that our kids have the same level of interest in doing and making things as did we growing up however they are less exposed to the tools to let them explore. Hundreds of toys, TV, phone screens etc. always end up diverting their attention into a focus area limited to that digital "innovation".

Hence this group. I would be organizing meetups with small groups of kids to do some DIY type activities relevant to their age-groups such as Origami, Woodwork, Small toy making, Electronics and such. Overtime, I would engage other parents to volunteer to organize such activities as well hopefully building a community that prospers by giving our kids the experience which will help them in the longer run.

Upcoming events

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