What we're about

If you have - or want to have - a small business, on or offline, and want it to do better, be more profitable, fulfil you, be fun and give you the lifestyle you want ... If you're currently a slave to your business rather than the other way around ... If any of the above resonates with you, then you should join this group.

We will have trainings, lively discussion, supervision (to help each other out) and a sprinkling of networking too, of course.

We'll talk marketing and we'll overlap it with personal development too because, frankly, your business won't grow unless you do too. (If this idea scares you, it's probably not the right group for you ... but it shouldn't scare you because really isn't it what it's all about?)

Expect lively debate, your brain to be popping with ideas and your business growth to accelerate beyond your wildest dreams. (Providing you take action of course!)

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Falling In Love With Your Business

Exeter Library

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